I'm so sick of these comments......

  1. So i asked my DH to bought me the inclusion hair cubes, these are not my first pairs, i have the older styles. Anyway i wore it in my hair and most of my co-workers were looking and commenting on how cute and pretty until one of them telling me that i'm crazy for spending soo much money for just a piece of hair tie and that they can make one or go to walmart and buy one for less than 2 buck. I just turn around and told him that i'm worth it and besides it not like i'm using his money to buy for it. :cursing: The nerves of him
  2. What an @-hole! Good answer! :yes:
  3. that's annoying..so far no one had the nerve to say something like that infront of my face...I am sure they do that behind my back..

    don't worry..enjoy your great and expensive taste..
  4. they can all get fudged!
  5. im WORTH IT! lol thats funny! good come back! lol im sooo borrowing that!!

    hes just ignorant.
  6. I think you had a good comeback. Why should he care when it's your money? Good grief, it seems like a lot of us are getting these rude comments from people lately. It's none of their business!
  7. some people, they just need to keep their comments to themselves.
  8. I hate people who judge how I spen my $$$money$$$. Its mine after all. ITA. Hes rude.
  9. Good comeback. What does he know about hair ties anyway?!
  10. You have a rude coworker. I wouldn't talk to him anymore if it wasn't work related.
  11. People think that they are entitled to an opinion, and they are, but nobody ever said about a vocal opionion! :smile:
  12. UGH...can't people learn to shut their mouths! I mean I don't go around telling people their knock offs look like crap...sheesh!
  13. close your 'ears'! He's stupid person who doesn't know value... However you buy it with your money, not him
  14. im so sorry that happened, thats just so stupid and RUDE of this guy. what you said to him was good. and next time this co-worker has that kind of nasty comment for you, tell your management that he's harrassing you and then he'll never do it again guranteed LOL. :smile:
  15. hahaha itawtc hahah:yahoo: