I'm so sick of buyers NOT reading payment details . . .

  1. So because of toooooo many eBay deals gone wrong, I have changed my eBay policy so that I only ship to US, Canada and UK confirmed addresses. I will accept payments from other international buyers, but they must pay using bidpay.com If its a small item, I will sometimes let it slide, but lately I have been selling some more expensive items and am not willing to take the chance, especially with low feedback bidders, but buyers ignore my auction details, and pay me with an unconfirmed address anyway from outside the US. I even write in the invoice details, and if they email me asking for a shipping quote, I tell them there also. I have refunded about 10 times this past week from situations like this! Is anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Go to paypal and set your settings to only accept payments from confirmed adresses.
  3. people can't read. it sucks. I have something in my auction where people with no feedback must send me a message saying they have read my terms. if not I cancel their bid. it sucked because today I had to cancel someone's bid with 4 minutes left and it brought down the price of my item.
  4. I have tried doing that before after someone suggested it and cant seem to get it to work!
  5. I may be asking a very dumb question, as I have not sold anything on eBay but am thinking about listing some of my handbags...what is the importance of a confirmed address vs. a unconfirmed address?
  6. Due to scams and fraudulent chargebacks most sellers like myself only send to confirmed paypal addresses so that you are covered by paypal seller protection.
    Addresses in the UK, CANADA and the US can be confirmed. So if you were to send to another country you are not covered by paypal should anything go wrong. i.e the buyer saying they didnt recieve the bag! Yes even if you have confirmation of delivery!!

    To be covered by seller protection only accept paypal form confirmed addresses, send the item out within 7 days and get signature proof of delivery.

    Other international buyers I get to use bank transfer, others use bid pay!
  7. You can contact paypal through email and let them know....they will eventually fix it.
  8. My paypal is set to only accept confirmed address.. anyone else trying to pay and it will automatically decline the payments and tell them why. I also have it set to make me approve echecks because those ppl who wait until the last day to pay for a freaking echeck that is going to take days tick me off too. You can set your Ebay also to only allow bidders with PayPal and only allow bidders in countries you ship too.
  9. Thanks for the info.!

    I have another dumb question..:sad: but if Paypal won't cover me and i don't agree to the chargeback how will the buyer get the money from me? will they automatically go into my bank account? I don't think I like the idea that Paypal can just access my bank account for withdrawal...I mean, my mom can't even do that....

    I did read the Paypal stuff but it seems a bit ambiguous, my interpretation is that it'll only access my funds in my Paypal account if there is a dispute (chargeback (?)) so if I don't have any money in there, they can't do anything against fraudent buyers?

    Everyone makes ebay selling a breeze but after reading the forums I'm kinda getting scared to list any high value items....
  10. They will put a charge on your PayPal account leaving your PayPal account in a negative balance. If you have funds in your account they do freeze that amount. If not, then that negative is placed on there. If you do not resolve your negative balance then you go into collections etc etc.
  11. I've tried looking on Paypal to see how to do this? Where is this setting?

    Thank you!
  12. wow that would suck big time!:tdown:

    Is Bidpay better in dealing with fraudlent cases? b/c earlier desingermummy stated to use Bidpay

    I'm not so sure about bank transfer though b/c don't i need to supply them with all my bank info?

    i'm like really worried, and I was counting on selling some of my old bags for some holiday cash. :sad:
  13. It's prudent to be careful with people new to eBay, but you also can't assume everyone is a slug.

    I've never bought anything off eBay and only recently made an account and have been looking for stuff (so I have zero feedback and the newbie icon).

    I carefully follow the rules, send an email that I have no feedback, but I understand the rules, will pay, etc. to put the buyer at ease.

    I finally found something I really wanted, was the high bidder (with plenty of room left in my max bid) and with one hour left in the auction went out thinking I had my first nice little LV item in the bag.

    Came home.. I was cancelled for not following terms of auction. Unfortunately the seller had forgot I did in fact contact her to say I'd be bidding. So I lost the item, she lost what would have been a higher sale.

    Unfortunate for us both, and she was apologetic (and it sucked, but I was understanding too).

    Wish there was an eBay confirmed (similar to paypal confirmed) that would probably really reduce problems..
  14. I feel your pain. It used to happen to me too, but once you set it up where they can't bid, it's so much better.

    BUT, I still get people who don't read my policy. I always say payment is due within 48 hours of auction close, and then I get emails from people who won an item saying they will pay me in a week or so. Urgh! It so frustrating to get excited about something selling and then feel like you may never get paid for it!
  15. Bidpay is an online money order company.
    They issue a Western Union money order in the US and then send it to you. Money orders are a pretty secure way of receiving payments.