I'm so scared..!!! Please help

  1. I know to some this might be a non issue but ive had bad luck with teeth. I eat sugar but not that much that my teeth have to decay. ANyway after 8 fillings and 2 root canals, ive been told my two front teeth are decayed and may have to go and now the bottom are hurting too.

    What have i done! i brush after every meal and floss twice a day and I use a fluoride treatment. I just want to cry. Why me??:crybaby:

    Now im going to be walking around with no front teeth!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Has your dentist offered any reason behind this? I would talk to him/her first and see if he/she can offer any advice.
  3. Have you seen another dentist for a second opinion?

    I had huge problems with my teeth when I was on depo provera, I had to have 8 fillings from one check up :sad:
  4. ^ I agree. Teeth don't just rot and fall out for no reason. There has to be an explanation for this.
  5. wow maybe your not brushing long enough...you are suppose to brush at least 2 min...i would go to another dentist and if you do lose your front teeth you can get fake ones...they cost a lot but its better than walking around toothless
  6. Bad teeth can be heriditary (as in my case) My parents had cavity prone teeth - which became root canals and then crowns and implants - I was meticulous with my children's teeth and they still have problems - ask around and get referrals to be sure your dentist is the best - then fix what needs fixing as soon as possible - keeping teeth in your mouth (when they are troublesome) can be a very costly proposition. Good luck!
  7. I agree, get a second opinion-I know there are procedures now that can save teeth formerly not salvagable. Good luck!
  8. I would investigate further... second opinion, family history, change diet or medications. Anything to help you feel better and keep your teeth.

    I can sympathize with you... I have my dad's teeth, very soft and cavity prone. I just had to get a crown last week :sad:
  9. Both my parents have bad teeth. And with a sweet tooth its a bad combo. Its too late for salvaging apparently, my teeth are extra sensitive and a few in particular really are killing me. I have to wait until he gets back on holidays in 2 weeks! its torture.
    I was thinking another dentist but then ill have to explain and do a re-check and all that again.
  10. You can always get implants, they are really really really pricey though.
    Im getting a dental implant next week, and it's goin to cost me around $5k:wtf::sad:
  11. It isn't your fault. Bad teeth are inherited, and have something to do with the chemistry of saliva - not sure what exactly. My father had trouble with his teeth, and now my brother does. Implants are the solution, but it makes a huge - huge - difference who does them.
  12. You could save up and get cosmetic surgery?
  13. Get a second opinion. The first dentist I went to (we moved to a new city) said I needed all these crowns and my 3 kids needed braces etc...well I went to a different dentist and she said my kids teeth are fine and I didnt need a thing!!!

    So the first guy was a Con Artist!!! I understand this is different from what you are going thru, but my point is go to at least another Dr for an 2nd opinion.
  14. Belini, I can feel you r pain. I have terrible teeth! I wash mine after every meal and everything else to prevent them from cavities, but still, most of my back teeth have fillings. I also had to have my four wisdom teeth pulled out because my jaw was not big enough to contain them... it is only a couple of years (I'm 31 right now) that I've had less problems with my teeth, but I'm constantly checking them. My parents have also very problematic teeth. My husband, to the contrary, had a terrible dental routine through his whole life (well, at least until he met me :p) and has had maybe two cavities, not more. His teeth are sooo much better quality than mine *sigh!*. Our dentist says that not much can be done to fight cavities if someone's teeth are bad quality. I guess we are just unlucky:sad:

    As for your front teeth, even if they need to be taken out you will be certainly given some alternatives for a cosmetic work to replace them. One of my front teeth is reconstructed as well, because I broke it after a bad fall, and it is totally unnoticeable. It will probably cost you good $$$s, but of course you will find a solution to have a nice smile again!
  15. I can't believe I'm reading this..............

    I recently went back on Depo this year and today just out of the blue my back molar is cracked and part of my tooth is missing. I take such extreme care of my teeth and not in pain but might be tomorrow when I get it fixed.

    I never thought that Depo could cause this..........