I'm so sad!!

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  1. So I have been on a search, well not really, cause I stopped looking :P, LOL

    You know it is exhausting trying to find preloved pieces because you have to look night and day. So I stopped looking and low and behold, what do I find sold.


    I see it is now sold, but I love this bag and want it in my collection. I have come to the reality I will never have it - but these pictures allow me to drool at least. LOL
  2. Wow! So pretty!
  3. I think so too :graucho::biggrin:
  4. Stunning :smile:
  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I had never seen one. It is pretty sorry 😕
  6. how long did you look? i searched 6 months, multiple times daily, trolling 4-5 websites for my HG bag. i looked at is as a treasure hunt.

    can you buy an Ebene Speedy and have the vanchetta handles put on it? is that possible?

  7. LOL as you can see from my sig its been a long while. I had the same MO as you, but it does become tiresome. The rarer the item, the less chance it will pop up. But yes, the treasure hunt is soooo rewarding once you can find it. :biggrin:
  8. I hear you
    happned to me on something I really wanted
    for a while, was all set to get it
    and fell a sleep and when I woke up it was gone

  9. awwww, what bag did you miss out on?
  10. Oh - I've never seen this before its beautiful !
  11. it is a gorgeous bag, i've never seen one before. keep hunting ... your bag is out there!
  12. I'm not sure if this is possible, but what if you buy a regular speedy DE and take it into a LV and ask them to replace the handles with vachetta ones. As if your making a replacement order. I know it sounds weird but it just might work. Any how I truly know just how you feel, don't give up.
  13. It's lovely, I have never seen this one before. Hope you find it. The suggestions given re: having the leather on the DE replaced with vachetta might work great! Good luck!
  14. Ooo I've never seen one of these before!
  15. So sorry, that happened to me once before and it is so frustrating. Don't give up!! :smile: