I'm so sad!

  1. me and my Jlo style latina "curves" I have a big derriere so most of the jeans I love don't fit right on me.:crybaby: I love Gucci and rock and republic but yesterday I just confirmed one more time that they are simply not for me. big butt discrimination! any suggestions?
  2. lol i have the exact opposite problem...could be cuz i'm asian...i seem to always have too much extra loose fabric around the derriere region..:girlsigh:
  3. How about James Jeans? I always thought they were for a little bit of butt -
    did you try out Jeans - Designer Jeans - Top Brand Jeans | zafu.com after answering a few questions they suggest a whole lot of different denim makes etc for your body type -
    it may be helpful. I found this site after I bought a pair of jeans that really do fit me well, and funnily enough these were recommended as well. so you never know

    good luck!
  4. Have you tried the different Rock washes? The Anthrax Skulls, I think, _need_ a bigger bum to look their best.
  5. Joes Jeans are booty friendly
    R&R Roths seem to run bigger as well. R&R is known for inconsistent styling so make sure you try different sizes.
    DKNY Soho is between $48-68 and is also curve friendly

    It really depends on your body type. I have a small waist, big butt and thick thighs and know I have to try on endless pairs of jeans before I find something that fits. Also when I find something I like I buy multiple.