I'm so sad.

  1. So. I finally landed my dream bag -- a Black First -- at a price I could afford. This afternoon, I received an email from the seller. I assumed it was to tell me that she'd mailed the bag, and was providing a tracking number. I wish. The email was to tell me that while she was packing up the bag, she noticed two bleach marks on the bottom. In the email, she said she contacted the seller that she had purchased the bag from, and was getting a refund. She didn't even give me a chance to decide whether or not I wanted the bag. She refunded me and said she hoped I would give her positive feedback.

    Argh, I am so sad/frustrated... I was so looking forward to this Balenciaga... my first. :crybaby:I guess the hunt will have to continue...
  2. Oh Liya... *HUGS*

    Sorta know how you feel, paid and wait... and get your money back >_<" but it's okay!! There will be another PERFECT BLACK first!!!... (i'm looking for one too hehehe)

  3. that's awful. So sorry this happened to you. I've had the exact same thing happen to me on a different purchase. Very disappointing.
  4. That is awful, but aren't you glad that you had an honest seller that didnt hesitate to contact you about the problem.:shrugs:
  5. Awww that really sucks! I'm sorry that happened to you. Are you going to leave her feedback?
  6. aw, that sucks! it's awful when you find something and then it gets taken back from you. i hope you are able to find another one soon. there's one up on ebay right now, i believe!
  7. I'm so sorry that this happened!:sad: Big hugs to you and I am sure there will be another lovely Black First for you!:yes:
  8. I think this means there is a better one out there for you and it will come to you.;)
  9. im so upset for you
    i would of been devestated too
    but look on the bright side at least they were honest

    i hope you start to feel better
  10. I think its best they told you instead of sending it out and you finding out the hard way. There will be another one.
  11. There is another one out there waiting for you. I know you're upset - and it's upsetting - but there is a huge world of awesome Bbags out there, for you to pick and choose your perfect one - without bleach spots!
    Hugs Liya! soon you will have one.
  12. Awww.

    Soz this had to happen to you, but it's prolly for the best that you didn't get a Bbag with bleached spots! :wtf:

    Chin up, cos I'm sure there's THE perfect Black First just waiting and looking out for you too! :graucho:

  13. I totally agree! You will find one one day soon or one you like even better!
  14. AWWWW... so sorry to hear that...
    but if you really want the bag, maybe you can ask her to get that bag for you again?
  15. Well black is a permanent colour so I guarantee youl'll track down a good one soon!