I'm so sad :(


Feb 7, 2007
I jumped online and saw the bag that I have been looking for - in stock.

I grabbed my visa and put in an my info. I was so happy and ready to check out.

Then I was stopped. It wouldnt accept my card.

So I call 866 Vuitton and I talk to this really nice guy, that explains to me that since my card is international LV wont accept it...What?! I can buy everything else with my card. From Saks, Neiman, Nordies etc. And I bet if they had the bag at my local store it wouldnt be a problem either..

Now the bag is sold out..I am thinking about transfering money to a US card but with my luck the bag wont ever pop up again..at least not before xmas..Sigh.

Sorry had to vent..


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Aug 31, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand
Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. In the same time, thanks for the information though. I have only an international credit card as well, maybe I should be thinking of opening one with the US banks now ; )


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
More and more will be available---a really nice SA told me LV built a new factory and bags will slowly become available in the next month or so---back to "normal" after the new year...


Aug 22, 2007
Almost the same thing happened to me today. I found a bag online, on sale, extra 20% off for a specific color of the style I wanted, all the rest were regular price with the 20% off. I ordered it and had some problems with the checkout but finally got a confirmation email. Later in the day I got a "due to unforeseen circumstances" email that the order could not go through.

I called customer service and they said that the billing address was not going through so I checked online to make sure my card's address was what I put down and it was, finally it went through but they said the web order didn't go b/c of my IP address was international. So now I whenever I want to buy from that merchant I have to call and do a phone order. I'm fearing that I will get another email that the color is out of stock b/c it was only that particular color/style that was on sale.....Where's the EASY button when you need it?


Feb 7, 2007
Well I have some good news..I called the LV store today when I got home from work around 7:30 PM and they told me that they had some in stock!! I asked them to hold it for me, but they said they couldn't so I took the car and went out there hoping for the best, since it takes me an hour to get there..And it was still there!!

I am very happy now! But it's pure BS that my same card works in the store, but they refuse to take it online..

I didn't get a box either and when I went back to ask for one the store was closed..can they ship one to me?


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Nov 20, 2007
glad to hear that you got your bag! i once placed an order for some LE items (vernis cosmetics cases? don't remember) and my order "went" through. i found out later that my CC co had halted payment since they believed that it might be a fraudulent charge. while i appreciated the concern, LV ended up canceling my order and the items went out of stock! i was rather :pout: especially since i've made larger purchases online before!

as for the box, i'm not positive, but i think you'd have to go back to the store for a box...couldnt hurt to ask tho!


Oct 28, 2010
Wow, that is so frustrating but I'm glad you got your bag and MUCH faster than the online store. I'm still waiting for an order from November 30!