Im so sad :(

  1. Our beautiful dog is being put to sleep this afternoon and I am devestated :sad:

    We have had her 12 years, the day I found out I was pregnant, and I cannot tell you how said I feel today :crybaby:

    Please think of me today, life is pretty rubbish at the moment.
  2. Awww :sad: so sorry , it's a horrible thing.
    had to put my persian cat to sleep years ago too :'(
    kept crying for best advice is to just focus on the wonderful moments with her and imagine how horrible your life would have been without her in it.

    memories are sad but wonderful at the same time.
    if you need to cry just let it all out. it's better than holding onto it all inside of you.
    *big hug*
  3. My sincere condolences. I've had several pets, including a St Bernard, and losing them at the end of a very long and happy life never gets easy. You can comfort yourself by knowing your beloved dog had a happy life and when she was no longer able to have a good quality of life you were strong enough to let her go. Giving her a graceful exit from this life is the best you can do for her for all the love and companionship she's given to you and your family over the years.
    Please know she will be going to a place where there is no pain and suffering.
  4. i'm so sorry to hear. When my kitty had to be put down..i cried for days. people say they are just pets, but they are not. I have found it much more emotional to lose a pet than a more distant relative. I'm thinking of you
  5. So very sorry to hear about your beautiful dog.
  6. I'm so sorry! Hugs and prayers sent your way!!!
  7. I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. My thoughts are with you. *big hugs*
  8. Chloe-babe, I'll be thinking of you. Be strong girl, I know it's not easy.. time will heal the pain. I lost a couple of kittens myself, I know hard it is to lose an animal.

  9. Chloe - I'm so sorry about you dog and will be thinking of you. We had our 10-year old German Shepherd put to sleep this past Saturday. Its absolutely devestating to lose a pet!
  10. I'm so sorry :heart:
  11. I am so so sorry for you. You are having to do the most difficult but loving and unselfish thing in the world. I had to let my 17 y/o doxie go in June. We are with you during this time. PM me if you want to talk. Also, if you feel like it check out this wonderful website: Pet Loss Grief Support, Rainbow Bridge, Monday Candle Ceremony,
    They have weekly candlelight ceremony to remeber our pets who have gone before us. Tears for you.
  12. Oh chloe-babe.... I am so sorry. Sending you a PM...
  13. OH no I am SO sorry! What a beautiful animal... Be strong!
  14. Chloe, I'm tearing up as I write this. My sincerest sympathies to you and your family. She's a beautiful dog, obviously very loved. You are doing a very loving act for her, but I know it hurts worse than anything to lose a family member. We have had to do the same thing many times over the years and it eventually helps to know that your precious pet could not have had a better home. But right now and for some time, it just plain hurts.
  15. Chloe-babe-- I feel so terrible for you...I know EXACTLY what you are going tears and my prayers go out to you, your dog and your family.

    Just remember--you are doing the humane, loving, responsible thing by euthanising her.

    I totally believe that animals go to heaven, so I know you and your dog will see each other again somewhere down the road:smile: