Im so sad :(

  1. I told my bf I wanted a pink vernis small handbag with a long strap for christmas and he went into the store and told me that he didnt like them that they looked to plain. He said he would rather buy me something more flashy. I was like whatever honey but I really want a LV bag. What bags could I suggest to him that are more flashy? He and I both like the leapord print bag that just came out, but that is too expensive he is willing to spend around $1000 on my christmas present. Oh well, if he doenst get it I will just return some stuff my family gets me and buy the pink vernis after christmas.:cursing::cursing:
  2. Maybe something multicolore?
  3. Isn't it about what you want and not what he wants? Stand your ground and get the pink vernis that you want.
  4. i was also thinking something from the MC line. like the trouville...
    or the monogram line.....
    maybe try the Manhattan PM.

  5. I agree. You're the one who has to wear it and you should get what you want. Good luck!
  6. That sounds ridiculous to me!!

    It's YOUR present you should get what YOU want. If I were you I wouldn't budge.
  7. Ask for the pink vernis because you really like it!
  8. ITA, isn't iy your gift ??:confused1:
  9. I would tell him that is what you want! It's your gift! appease him...maybe look at some multicolore pieces...or have him get on the miroir wait list (that's definetly a flashy line)!
  10. I see the reasoning but he's the giver of the gift. Doesn't his input count? Maybe he doesn't like it for some reason? He didn't say he's not getting you a LV bag. He's willing to spend that much money on you for it so I wouldn't say he said that just because. :yes:

    If you don't get that bag, oh well. Just get it after Xmas like you said. I know sometimes when my BF doesn't like the bag I'm choosing I say to him too bad and get it but I'm paying for it. If he's paying for it, he would look at what I like but if he doesn't like it he'll get me something else I like. It's the same to me cause I get what I like later on with my money.
  11. Who's going to wear it, you or him? He asked you what YOU wanted :o)
  12. I say if he wants to wear it than he has input. If someone asks you what you want and you tell them exactly what you want, they no longer have input. What if you don't want flashy and want understated? If you said you wanted a chocolate brown velour track suit and he want out and bought you a metallic gold track suit because its flashy, would you wear it? Tell him to get what you want.
  13. Why does he want something more flashy???
  14. I like those alot :smile::yes::yes:
  15. All of my other bags are patchwork coaches, so me asking for a plain vernis is a shock to him.