I'm so sad!

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  1. I went by one of the local Nordstroms. They had some interesting bags (07 Legacy flap in Whiskey amongst others) on clearance. Nothing I really felt compelled to buy. But here's the kicker- DH said, "I don't know why you're looking at these. I don't think you should buy any more bags." :wtf::crybaby::sad: Argh! How am I going to get my Bleeker Flap now??? :wtf:
  2. Hmmm... Maybe he said that because he's planning on getting you a Coach bag for Christmas and he doesn't want you to buy it first?
  3. I wish but I really don't think so by the way he said it....
  4. Maybe he said it that way to throw you off...! I don't know... I just don't want you to be too bummed over it!! *hug*
  5. I think there's very little chance. I know DH pretty well. Besides I don't think he'd buy a bag for me unless he knew exactly what to buy me and we haven't talked about the next bag I wanted...thanks for the hugs. I really think I'd be set for a while with the Large Bleeker Flap. I don't have an all-leather bag with a long strap....
  6. aww well you will be ok...hes doing it cuz he loves you....
  7. sounds like my husband... they say that but they don't really mean it.... :o)
  8. My mom said the same *EXACT* same thing yesterday! I was bummed out.
    Sometimes it could be just kidding around, but I've found it that if you show them (DH or mommy) a ridiculously expensive bag that's pretty, but you'd probably never wear, and then a much cheaper and practical bag, they'd let you buy (or just buy you) the cheaper and better bag.
  9. My boyfriend says that stuff ALL the time. Hes always like are you on Purse Forum AGAIN?!?! you dont need another bag! but then i say, well do you really need to watch ANOTHER football game on sunday? and he laughs and gets the hint lol everyone has their little obsessions