I'm so sad...

  1. This may be a stupid reason to be sad but here goes...2 and a half months ago I pierced my belly button and now I can tell that my body is rejecting it. :crybaby:

    I been taking care of it and doing what I was told to...but the skin surrounding the front of the bar is very, very thin and it's becoming loose. I'm going to go into the shop tomorrow just to have them look at it and get a definite yes that I have to take it out...I'm so bummed :sad:

    I have my Monroe pierced and I never had any problems with it. Has this ever happened to any of you girls before with a piercing? What did you do for after care? Did you re-pierce?
  2. awww i'm so sorry!! I actually am going to get a monroe piercing as soon as i hit my goal of losing 20 pounds!! :smile:)

    hopefully it's just a minor setback and you can keep your ring!!
  3. How fun! I have had my Monroe pierced for like 3 years now and I love it! It did not hurt AT ALL. And I'm hoping with my belly button it may just be the jewelry and all they will do is switch it out I really,really,really don't want to take it out :sad: Especially since on the 20th I'm going to Cabo and it's going to suck to have a healing hole while in my bathing suit!
  4. Not to sound dumb...what is a Monroe piercing?

    I've had my belly button pierced for about 11 years with no problems. Every once in a while it gets tender from being rubbed by jeans or something.

    That is so weird.....I hope it turns out to be OK!
  5. You might just need to switch the kind of jewelry? Like if you have a ring you might need a banana bar, or vice versa. Sometimes the wrong type moves too much and that can cause the rejection. if you do have to take it out, there's a good chance you could get it repierced- when they reject you often get a little bit of scar tissue, and if you pierce again behind it the piercing may stay in better. If you can't get it re-done, you could always pierce the bottom of your navel! My best friend had the top and bottom done, then took the top out and just having the bottom looks adorable imo. Good luck! I hope you get to keep it!
  6. If I'm not mistaken, a Monroe is a piercing that looks similar to Marilyn's beauty mark. They pierce the inside of your mouth, pretty high up almost to the cheek bone, then put a stud in it so it resembles a beauty mark.

  7. i had this happened when i got my eyebrown pierced. gradually within 2 months it started pushing itself out to the point where it was just hanging in there by a thin piece of skin. i was pretty sad cause i loved it for the two months i had it but i never had it redone.
  8. I have my monroe peirced too- no problems there!

    My bely button on the other hand, I had done when I was 15 1/2
    It rejected it! I waited almost 7 months for that bad boy to heal, but it kinda ripped out of the top. If that makes sense. I now have scar tissue :sad:
  9. The same thing happened to my eyebrow piercing! :tdown: The skin was so thin that you could see the bar under my skin.
  10. I hope you get to keep your belly button ring! I'm getting mine pierced soon (finally got over my fear of needles lmao but I've debated getting one for a couple of years) and you're kinda scaring me lol!
  11. I have a friend who had her belly done and it grew out. She never got it done again as she was told it would hurt going over the scar. Have you thought of having the bottom of your belly button done if you have to take out the one you've got. I've seen a few people with the bottom done. This may sound a bit drastic but I've heard of a type of piercing that is done deeper so that it is harder for the skin to reject it, probably a lot more painful to have done but would maybe stop it being rejected. They put a bar through which almost looks like a giant staple x
  12. I would take it out before it rejects all the way through. My navel piercing did that and as did my eyebrow. If you take it out and let it heal and re-pierce it, the chances of it rejecting again is a lot slimmer due to the scar tissue holding it from pushing out.
  13. Same thing happened to me. Had my belly pierced twice. Once, my belly rejected it and the second time, it healed nicely, but had the ring ripped out on a climb -- hurt so much, I took a big 15ft swing and couldn't even let out a scream. Not fun at all. :crybaby:

    Don't do it!
  14. Thanks guys....im going in to the shop in about an hour when they open and hopefully (crosses fingers) I can just have them put a ring in since i have a banana barbel right now. And the below piercing sounds like a plan! haha...I'll see what they suggest i can do...im just so upset because i pierced it during the spring so it would be healed up by summer since im going to Cabo and now....:crybaby:And yeah that's the Monroe Charles! Funny thing is one of my friends had this done....

    With NO complications!! Ugh! Lucky! haha...I'll let you guys know after i get home from work what the guys at the shop tell me!!
  15. My first navel piercing started migrating out so I took it out and let it heal over. I then had it repierced and it seems to be much better this time (although she pierced it slightly crooked, which I am not thrilled about).