I'm so sad....

  1. Hi everyone, just want to share my experience with my newly bought Ali ( bought in Dec 2006 ). Last Sunday as I was about to take out my wallet at MacD, the turnlock of my Ali came off! I panicked and tried to fix it back but not successful. I went back to the store to get it repaired but somehow they said they could not do that. They replaced with another bag ( the slimmer Ali bag n another bag too cost of the price diff) . However, I am still very sad . It is out of stock in SIN! What do I do? I really want the bag :crybaby: .
  2. Awww I am sorry your bag couldn't be repaired. Hopefully you will come across your bag again.
  3. Did they even offer to send it in for repair?
  4. Can you do that with any Coach store if your bag is damaged, even if you don't have the recipt that says you got it from there? (I never keep them!)
    I'm sorry you couldn't get it repaired. Maybe you can sell what they gave you on eBay and get another Ali on their site (or eBay?)
  5. That is strange that they can't replace the turnlock. They must break quite often as I see broken purses sold all over eBay. My two purses with turnlocks are ok so far - but my chelsea isn't turning as smoothly as it once did. I guess it's only a matter of time before it shears off too. I wonder why they don't replace the turnlocks....they must......
  6. I am sorry to hear about your bag. This turnlock issue I keep hearing about has caused me to use my shoulder bag less.
  7. Sorry for your loss ! yikes!
  8. Wow! Makes me think maybe I'll turn the lock so that it stays open and I'm not turning it all the time. That would upset me so much. Why did they say they couldn't send it in to be repaired? Is Coach not repairing the turnlocks if they break? I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  9. I'm sorry that happened to you!

    That turn lock issue is coming up more and more.

    You would think that Coach would repair/replace the bag with no charge after spending that much $$ on it!:confused1:
  10. Sorry to hear that... they couldn't order you a new Ali?
  11. Awww, sorry about that. Now I'm nervous about my 3 Coach bags that have turnlocks on them.
  12. i feel your pain. one of the turnlocks just broke on my shoulder bag...and they said it couldn't be fixed, but would probably just send me a credit (since the one i have is sold out...). it's SUCH a bummer.
  13. Right. Why didn't the store send it to the factory? Isn't it up to the factory to decide if a bag can be repaired, not the store? You still have to pay for the shipping afterall.

    I have a turnlock bag that I got repaired. This doesn't sound right.
  14. ALWAYS save your reciept. now i'm gettin scared to buy one of the couple legacy bags i was looking at. i've been looking at more expensive bags (Kooba, Hayden-Harnett, Botkier, Tano, etc etc, just because i've heard that their quality is a bit higher, i'm sure thats what they all say) i REALLY don't want something that is going to break.

    :crybaby: i'm SO sorry that happened to you. i'm sure if you contacted the coach factory themselves they'd fix it for you! i want a white Ali really bad... now i'm scared :crybaby:
  15. you don't need a receipt to get something repaired...

    and i think the stores know enough about what will get repaired or not to tell you and save you a few weeks of waiting.