I'm so sad~ T.T

  1. I just brought a violet work and I realise it doesn't match any of my clothing....

    If I return it... I'll only able to receive a store credit.
    If I sell it, I know I'll take a big loss because I brought it over retail price :sad:

    :cry: I don't know what to do now!!!!

    I'll go on a vacation soon~ so I really want to get my money back :push:

    Please help... What should I do? :crybaby:
  2. Aww, I'm sorry. Purple can be really hard to match. Do you wear blacks, browns and greys in winter? Those are an easy match.
    I'm not quite understanding what store you bought it from that sold it to you over retail, though..? How is that possible?
  3. Buy some clothes to go with it??? It is a great colour that would go with lots of others.

    PS - Be careful that people don't make the mistake of thinking that you are trying to sell the bag on tpf?
  4. eek. if they only give store credit perhaps you can exchange for another color that is easier to match.
  5. I agree with jenova, i actually find violet really easy to match with! What do you wear?
  6. Where did you purchase it if you don't mind I asked ? It is really depend whether you really need to get the cash now because if you do then you have to sell it somewhere and you probably will not be able to sell at the price you paid but at least you get some money there. If money is not so much an issue, I would actually returned the bag to the store and get store credit that you can use for other bags that works better with your clothing.
  7. I have Violet and trust me I wear almost from rainbow colors to black/grey/dk brown neutral colors and I personally think that Violet is a really nice color and easy to match with.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    I brought it from realdealcollection... they don't have anything else I would like to buy right now and I don't wanna wait becuase I rather get some money for my vacation.

    I usually wear navy, brown, black and blue/green, but it looks really weird with my violet work :shrugs:
  9. Sounds like maybe it came from Styledrops? My violet work was 1540.
  10. Oops, I see it came from RDC. I saw it on there and it was even higher than Styledrops.
  11. ^ I know styledrops has it too, but realdealcollection has wonderful feedback, so I rather buy it from them.
  12. Darn I am sorry that sucks. I love the violet but did not get it for the same reason. It does not match anything I wear. I would try listing it if you get at least 90% of your money back, that will be better than nothing. Or I would return for store credit and wait for something new to pop up.
  13. If you don't love it, sell it. Or if you love it, buy some clothes to go with! Black, gray, beige, jeans, ... I can match my violet step very easily.
  14. with Violet - better to just rock the bag, and not worry about matching!
  15. Is it that you love the bag but it doesn't match with your wardrobe? It sounds like you're just not happy overall. There must be someone who may buy it up ASAP if you list it in MP, give it a try.