i'm so sad, :(((... sob..sob..sob...

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  1. hi guys... i'm an lv newbie, :p , and still trying to build my collection... i guess i 'm pretty much lucky i never had experienced of any snotty SA's, all of SA's in my hometown (i'm from Jakarta, Indonesia) are lovely eventhough i only browse in. The problem is the price in here are WAAAY so much higher then probably any LV's store in the world, :s

    last year i purchase my damier speedy for about Rp 6,450,000.- which is considered good price at the moment, but still when i converted in US dollars, it approximately USA 708.- :crybaby: if i compare with france price which is Euro 420 in the website, it is only Rp 4,800,000.- or if i compare to elux it is only Rp 5,691,600.- . it really hold me from buying especially small accecories pieces, coz i just cannot justify the price, :sad:....

    last night i want to purchase a pochette it almost run USD 413 for epi (gasp) or USD 332 for damier pochette?

    oh how i wish i can buy directly from france....
  2. awww I am sorry! It is true that prices in Asia are more expensive.
  3. I know~I am trying to build up my collection before I going back to Taiwan.
    I really want to buy more, but I don't have enough money for me to spend after I'd spent $1500.00 already:crybaby:(I still want the new EPI and new mini lin)
  4. I can totally relate to you. I'm from the Philippines, and we have approximately the same prices as yours. It doesn't stop the people from buying though. Sometimes, you'd think LV is having a sale from the crowd inside the boutique! And this is a third world country!

    For me personally though, I never buy from the LV store here because of the big price difference. I don't mind buying the cheaper stuff here like the cles, etc. But when it comes to bags, I always have mine bought in Paris when a friend or relative goes there.
  5. Yup, the LV store here is always busy...but sometimes i just cant help buying my bags here...its that sense of satisfaction for my addiction:shame:
  6. *hugs* sorry about the prices in asia. I think wherever we live lv is always expensive.
  7. impsola,
    yessssss, i just cannot understand why they did not put a standard price for any place in each and every stores in the world....

    i love purse;
    i know i want to purchase many things too, :p . it is really painful to purchase bag in here, when i consider that with that much money i spent i could get a bag and an accessory to compliment my bag (such cles, mini agenda, or anything) in someother LV stores in someother part in the world.

    is it expensive too to purchase LV in taiwan?

    we have defenitely have similar culture. :flowers: In LV store in Jakarta, they also lots of people purchase in here (maybe they didnt know the price is so much differ, maybe tpf told me to much info, or maybe simply they just dont care about it :oh:). Maybe i should do like you did.
  8. rica alpalma,
    yea, me too... i already know the price is soooo expensive, but i still purchase from here. actually, i love to check on closed detail on purchasing my things, i just cannot trust anyone to do the check for me, lol

    *hugsreplied* thank you, you are so right.
  9. by the way, i learnt in general discussion, there is an website called internationalcheckout.com. for forwarding services for things that you can purchase only from US. How i wish they will forward from france, lol, but then again, if we have something with our bags, i dont know how to deal with it.
  10. Yes, the speedy 30 is $100 more (compare with eluxury, no tax)
  11. Isnt it funny how prices are so high in a third world country??? And people are still buying????
  12. can totally relate. Also from the philippines. I never buy here. I always wait till I go to Hong Kong because they don't have any taxes.:yes:
  13. i'm from singapore. i've never been to Jakarta. may i ask, since Indonesia's currency is lower than Singapore's currency, does this mean LV bags in Indonesia is cheaper than Singapore or vice versa?

    Here in Singapore, when the Indonesia tai-tais here went shopping for lv, they'll bring home a lot of lv shopping bags. i've never seen Singapore tai-tais shop like that.
  14. Hi Cutie,
    I also live in Jakarta, and I feel the same way too.. Honestly, I never bought my LV bags here... :yes:
    The price of LV here are in US Dollar (and the price is more expensive than in US), and you know how high the conversion is right? :crybaby:
    Luckily my DH is currently working in Dubai, so I always ask him to buy LV stuff there for me.. And the price there are waayyy cheaper than Jakarta's price.. :love:
  15. Wow it's hard to imagine prices being even higher than they are in the US