i'm so sad right now :(

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  1. before i went to bed last night i set my purse down and got my lip balm out, put it on, went to bed and than put it back in my purse.
    when i got up this morning went to grab my purse and inside was a PUDDLE of something in the bottom of my bag.
    my bag is soaked, smelly, and super sticky :sad:
    what do i do to clean it?
    it's my favorite bag.
  2. What bag is it and what type of lining? Did is soak through to the outside?
  3. Omg Im so sorry! I dont know how to clean it, lets wait for some other replies.

    :flowers: :heart:
  4. it's the hampton's carryall. it didn't sock all the way through to the outside but it's definately past the lining. it was a huge puddle in the bottom of my bag :sad:
  5. I would mop up the liquid and send it to Coach for refirbishment. You might want to call a boutique first for more suggestions on what to do to keep the scent from sinking into the bag. Good luck.
  6. i soaked it up right away with some paper towel and now i just took a damp rag to it and it's by my window to dry.
  7. Aw how sad! Good luck getting it all cleaned up and getting the scent out!
  8. Since you got the goop out, a shout wipe may help prevent staining.
  9. I would definitely call a Coach boutique and ask if they have any suggestions. I am so sorry about this but at least it didn't soak through to the outside. After having a similar incident years ago, I tend to keep my lipsticks and pens inside wristlets or small plastic cases to help keep things contained.
  10. I'm sooooo sorry that happened. If your local boutique can't help there is a servicce out there that cleans/refurbishes designer handbags but their name escapes me at the moment (GRRRRR - Help anyone! :sos:). I know a lot of girls have sent their Chanels in for cleaning so maybe they also do Coach bags.

    Good luck.
  11. So sorry this happen to you. I think you are on the right track. I have no new advice to offer, I would call the Coach boutique. I have used the Tide Pen and the Shout Wipes on my bags in the past. But both of those products were used for very small marks.

    Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out.
  12. i think it's ok now. i dont even smell it anymore i just wonder what in the world it was. it almost smelled like alcohol but i have no idea how i wouldn't have noticed till the morning and how it would have managed to not get on my phone, camera or wristlet and why it would have been so gooey? i have noooooooooo clue. it looks fine tho and there is no visible stain of any sort or stickyness :smile:
  13. I'm glad to hear you were able to clean it up! I was going to suggest rubbing it with a gentle cleaner like woolite and a damp cloth.

    Good thing it didn't also ruin the outside of the bag! I am so paranoid about ruining the liner and outside of my bags. I put everything in cosmetic cases including pens!