I'm so sad :(... lipgloss incident.

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  1. I showed off my lovely purchase of my scarf print ergo awhile back. My friend wanted to buy the same bag, but I told her she could borrow it when she needed to use it. So... she had a big date last night and she borrowed it. I told her to make sure it didn't get abused and dirty. So her date, for whatever reason, put his hand in the bag and said "what is this" with a shiny substance on his hand. Her lipgloss opened in the bag!!! I can't be mad at her b/c she didn't do it on purpose, she's going to bring in to a dry cleaner, but I don't think it's going to come out. I was just telling my boyfriend what happened and I started to cry. I'm sooo sad!!

    Does lipgloss come out, b/c I thought I saw some threads saying that it doesn't. Could you please post some links to help me with this sitation. Thanks.
  2. I don't have any great suggestions but just wanted to say I hope you get it out. That was nice of you to loan it to your friend. And nicer not to be mad at her. Baby wipes might work. or liquid dish soap. Also, you could call Coach at their 800 number found on coach.com to ask them for suggestions. Good luck.
  3. I've never had this happen, but I got severe stains out of a white blouse with a Tide To Go pen before! I'd try it on a small section of the bag first, to make sure it doesn't damage it.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you! IMHO, I think that the friend should offer to replace the bag (I mean, she was going to buy herself one anyway, but you were sweet enough to lend her yours). Obviously she didn't do this on purpose, but she should replace the bag. Best of luck removing the stain!
  4. OH NO!!! I am so sorry
  5. I'm sorry that happened..I don't have any suggestions but its making me "rethink" whether I want to carry lippie gloss in my new bags! Good Luck and keep us posted..would be nice to know what works and doesn't work.
  6. Is the lipgloss on the inside of the bag only, or did it get on the outside? Even if it is on the lining only, I hope you can get it out so that it doesn't start to transfer to the outside. I hope your friend is nice enough to try to replace the bag for you. Now that I have read a few stories here, I am making sure to carry all my makeup and pens in cases so that if they leak they don't get on my bags. Best luck to you.
  7. and my friends laugh at me because all my 'stuff' inside my handbags is always 'container-ized!'

    and it always will be...
  8. I asked her if it soaked through b/c i can totally see that happening with the material of the bag, but she says that it's only on the inside. I've known her for 20+ years so I don't feel right asking her for a replacement. I know that if I did this to my friend's bag and took it everywhere and couldn't get the stain out, I would replace it. We'll see what happens. I just hate that I have been keeping it in it's dustbag b/c i'm so scared that it would get dirty and I have only worn it like 3 times and this had to happen. I'm just sad.... I can't even explain how i'm feeling.. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
  9. me too!
  10. I am very sorry. I had never had this happen. I hope the dry cleaners can clean it. Its a gourgeous bag :smile:
  11. You are such a GREAT friend to even allow your friend to borrow your purse on a date!!!! THAT is a TRUE friend! I hope the stain comes out and you are rewarded for doing something so nice! Please keep us posted...I am SURE it will all work out for you!
  12. A true friend would offer to replace it if it couldnt be cleaned. I stopped carrying makeup several years ago unless its powders. And I never carry perfume anymore. I usally have makeup in my office if I need it to touch up.

    And I never ever loan my bags out, except to my daughter.

    Lipgloss is usually oil based. I wonder if its one of the bags you could soak and scrub like some of the other girls have done to theirs.

    Good luck.:heart:
  13. ok....you guys have convinced me to remove my lip gloss from my purse ASAP! :shocked:
  14. awww i am so sorry to hear that, good luck on trying to remove the stain
  15. Sorry about this incident and wish I could give you a big hug!
    That sux bigtime........I hope everything works out for you and your bag. Please keep us posted.:heart: