I'm so sad, I don't know what to do!

  1. Okay, so its a long story, but I've had an eating disorder for about two months now, and I feel so bad about it. No one knows, I am so sick of letting the food take control over me. I just had 20 sandwiches with butter & jam, and I'm crying so hard right now. I don't want to be like this, I want to live properly. I don't know what to tell my mom, please help, I'm just feeling so.. down and helpless. Maybe I should mention I'm not bulimic, I have more like a BED / Anorexia it varies. :crybaby:
  2. PLEASE tell someone you love and trust!!!! the efffects on what yu do to yourself could be deadly. Get someone you care about you to attend "meetings" or appointments with you about your situation.
  3. I'd love to tell, but I don't know how, I've never been really close with my mom.
  4. is there anyone else your close with?? aunt?uncle? grandma?? brother?? sister?? best friend?? teacher??.

    As long as you tell someone who you trust and would want to help you along the way. Don't be scared to tell your mom but if your not comftorable with her then tell someone else. Keeping this secret in the long run is only going to hurt yourself.
  5. Oh sweetie I know exactly what you are going through. There are confidential 1-800 numbers you can call for support. I called one a few weeks ago who hooked me up with a therapist within an hour. I saw her that night and it was the best thing I could have done. Let me research it and pm you. In the meantime, take a deep breath and relax. You are not alone.
  6. Please, please reach out to someone.
  7. No, I really don't have any close friends at all. No realtives either. :sad:
  8. Really the only way to try and get better is to tell someone. I know it's scary, and nobody wants to do that because then you have to talk about it, and it's uncomfortable...but it's the only way. If you can't tell your mom, is there someone else you are close to or trust that will have a helpful and positive attitude about it? You need to talk to someone who will have some insight into it, because it's really never about the food. I've gone through it all, so if you need someone to talk to, you can pm me.
  9. I don't live in the states unfortunately. :sad:
  10. What country do you live in? The link I just pm'd you had international numbers as well.
  11. I live in Sweden. ;)
  12. I will start looking for you.
  13. There is sadly a misconception about bulemia.
    Bulemia does not mean throwiung up. Bulemia is a condition where people binge eat and then do drastic things to compensate for it. These compensations are things like starvation, laxatives or throwing up.

    Anorexia on the other hand is a psychological situation where the persons view of themselves is distorted. In most cases this is wen the person thinks they are fact, when indeed they are not.

    Anorexia could lead to bulemia, when and if the person binges and then cmpensates. Anorexia may also not lead to bulemia were the person does not eat at all, or very small portions (usually only wen with people so other do not suspect it).

    From what you have said above, it does seem like you ave bulemia. Whether or not you have anorexia could be found out through analysis, thougt most probably you do not, as you realise that you do infact have a problem (anorexics dont realise theyre distortion of reality were they believe they are fat) and you do infact eat.

    Try this, eat a little bit at a time, of whatever you like. Talk to someone about it. You sound like you are using food as a comforting agent. It isnt.

    I have an eating disorder. I have bulemia (I do not throw up at all, but i abused pills to lose weight and I often starved myself). I sought help, mainly not beacuse I realised what I was doing but I realised I wasn't losing weight and I wanted to know if anyone could help me with that. And I have! Ive lost so much weight with a different tactic.
    I spoke to someone i didnt know personally. It really helped me. Try doctor or counselor. If your parents are understanding and will listen- talk to them or an older figure. Remember though- there is nothing wrong with you, its just that you need some direction and assistance.

    I used to eat then stave to make up for it. It made me feel powerful and in control. Now try this, make yourself a HUGE salad. No dressing, just lemon and olive oil. Put sweetcorn, carrots, lettuce and tuna fish in it. Now gorge. Stuff yourself the way you do with the sandwich. It doesnt sound believable right now but trust me, it has the same effect.

    Dont ignore your hunger. Ever. Chop up some carrots into stick, put them into a ziplock bag and carry them arround. Have another bag of raisins with you. When your hungry eat the carrots, just 4-5 pieces. Then stop. Half an hour later have a hand full of raisins. Then half an hour later 4-5 carrot pieces again. Before you know it its dinner time!
    (those above are Elizabeth Hurleys tips...they work!)

    Keep control by knowing YOU are in control. Don't rush.

    Finally, remember,yu are not alone. Talk to someone but stop immediatly if you feel pushed and move on to someone else. YOU are in control. These people will help you by standing by you.

    Feel free to PM me whenever you like. I have a psychology degree, and I will do my best to help you.

    Lots of love,

  14. In something-fishy.org there are 2 listings for sweden:
    Search - Something Fishy Treatment Finder

    Its a dreadful disease, and you deserve to be happy
    Talk to someone in your school if you can't talk to your parents, like a counselor
  15. If you admit it first to yourself and then to a third party half the burden will be gone. The first and major step is to realize what you are doing and WHY you do it. I've been in a similar situation...