I'm so sad:( I can only keep one!!

  1. ok guys, DH said that I can only keep one bag. I spent way too much this month and now I can only keep one bag. If you guys remember, I bought 1 black cotton club tote and a dark brown vintage ligne tote. Help me choose, which one do I keep? I don't want to let go with either one but since I spent too much and DH is kinda pissed I have to let go of one. Please help.
  2. I would return the cotton club.
  3. ^ ditto, I have the black vintage tote and I love it.
  4. They are both lovely. Which color do you prefer? I think I would work from there and then do pros/cons.
  5. Black is more versatile than the dark brown, unless you can make the dark brown work with your wardrobe since it's not really a true brown. I probably could not (make it work) so chose the lighter, warmer brown in the VL.
  6. Like the prior postings return the cotton club...the ligne tote is a nice bag...Enjoy whichever bag you choose to keep...
  7. I'm partial to the Vintage Ligne, so I would keep that tote. I wish my love affair with Chanel had started a few months earlier, so that I would have had a chance to look at and buy a bag from this line.

  8. I would keep the vintage ligne tote!!
  9. i'd go with the vintage ligne tote hands down.
  10. I vote for keeping the Vintage Tote.:yes:
  11. another vote for the Vintage Tote
  12. id vote for the vintage ligne tote, that dark chocolate brown is so yummy--maybe see which matches best with your wardrobe and try it on, take some pics and see, its always hard to choose between chanels =X
  13. I much prefer the vintage line to cotton club! Sorry about the return, though :sad:
  14. keep the vintage ligne
  15. I would keep the vintage ligne as well. I love the dark brown and find it more versatile than black!