I'm so sad and so drunk....

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  1. I miss my dad so much.. My Dh and I are listenining to his favorite songs and drinking all his favorite wine....I just wish I was here....
    I coudl really use a laugh....

    please make me laugh cuz thats whats the shoo is all about....and my dad tooo!
  2. Ahhh....I know what you are going through. Sometimes it just feels so good to have a few drinks and think fondly about the loved ones you have lost.

    Enjoy your night of tribute and love.

    Okay, edited because I did not write anything to make you laugh.

    Here is something silly; I have been bugging my husband for a doggie. It has been two years since my beagle babies Chester and Casey went to doggie heaven. Anyhoo, I want a Chocolate Lab. The last time I was in the wine/liquor store, I found a bottle of wine called "Chocolate Lab" with an adorable pic of a lab puppy. We finally drank the wine tonight; it tasted like grape juice with chocolate overtones. Not great; but the bottle is a keeper!

    Now whenever I want to plead my case for a doggie, I will hold up the empty wine bottle and point and go Awhhhh....isn't he a cutie? I think I will eventually win!
  3. awww.. hugs to ya bags... I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow! Enjoy those drinks!!!!
  4. i'm sorry you're having a hard time shoo. :flowers:

    good to know you don't have to leave us behind, even with all the drinking:

    in case you get hungry or need to throw an improptu wedding catered by 7-11 (just don't take it with the laptop):

    and just for giggles:
  5. liz bet`

    love you woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. :love:
    bags always appreciates
  7. *hugs* hope you feel better soon.
    Love your avatar picture btw =)
  8. hope you feel better... :smile:
  9. awww, I am sorry you feel that way! Maybe you need to do that so you can move on. Ok I suck, don't have nothing funny to say! Hugs!
  10. shoo, if you're still awake I'll post a random funny story (well, I have quite a few but here's one):

    A couple years ago I was super hung over after a hard night of partying and was running errands as I usually do on the weekend. I stopped at a gas station to fill up my car and after the pump shut off I promptly got in my car and drove away...with the nozzle still attached to my car!! :roflmfao:

    I drove away and suddenly heard and felt this CLUNK and thought I had hit something. The guy inside the booth ran outside laughing his ASS off. What happened? Well, the hose is designed to break away from the gas pump for situations just like these, sort of like a lizard dropping its tail, so there is no risk of gas leaking everywhere.

    I was SO embarrassed. The guy was laughing so hard and gasped "OMG, I knew it was supposed to do that but I've never seen it before!" I was so mortified I just laughed and said "dude, I'm hung over, give me a break."

    No harm done, just a bruised ego here. :shame:
  11. thanks guys! I love you all!
    I am in self pityl land and you all know by now that I am a Christian gal....but boy does it feel good toi be blasted and listeing to adam and the ants/...........
  12. Feel better girl.We loves ya!
  13. Aww Bagnshoo - I know your probably sleeping it off right now but I feel for you hon.

    Here's a cute story:
    My Dh had some technicians in from his company transferring a new system onto his computer. He always makes up crazy passwords for his pc, the one before this was "I hate (the name of his company)". Well, the techies cracked up when they heard his current password - "12 inches".
  14. Hope you are feeling a little better today:flowers:

    I have been sad and drunk on and off for about two months and it gets old:crybaby:
  15. one time i drank so much i got into bed and got under the mattress instead of the sheet, then threw up on my freinds dog. boy that was a rough night.
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