I'm so ridiculous!


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
I'm selling off some bags that I never use. The two so far I had bought new from the actual boutiques (albeit one was on sale) and never carried, so there's no question of authenticity or condition. I rarely sell anything and want it to go smoothly, so I've been really careful to take lots of pictures of all the specific elements of the bag -- 10 pictures on the first listing and 12 on the second.

The first bag got bids and sold - still waiting for eCheck to clear, me to ship, and close out the transaction. The second bag has bids with 5 days left still. So, all is well and I'm pleased But a little part of me is actually slightly disappointed that I haven't seen either one pop up on the Authenticate This boards! No one has even asked if either is authentic, though there were certainly plenty of other silly questions on the first one. I know, like I said, I'm ridiculous.:rolleyes:


Mar 2, 2007
Hee hee! That's not ridiculous at all, you want your babies to sell! But hey, it's probably a good thing--it means that people looking at it can tell from your photos that it IS authentic.

I personally get more worried when I suddenly get deluged with questions from buyers about a specific bag--it makes me think I forgot some relevant photos (which often I did :shame:smile:.