I'm so relieved!

  1. My company has 3 clinical locations, and a coworker and I had to travel from the main one to a satellite one in order to meet a little girl we were supposed to work with together. The coworker and I drove separately because I planned to go back to the main location, and she planned to go home.

    Anyway, she arrives a few minutes before I do, but she had to wait for me because I had the key to the front door. I unlock the door quickly for her and proceeded to move my black Kelly bag from the passenger seat (I keep it there so that I could easily reach for my sunglasses and cell phone) to the trunk, grabbed some equipment, and closed it with my Kelly inside. My coworker and I are inside the clinic for about an hour working with this little girl, then we lock up the clinic and go back to our cars (I actually borrowed my boss's car today). I happened to park right in front of the entrance, 3 spaces away from my coworker. As we are walking to our cars, we see some people staring at my coworker's car, then they say to her that they're sorry and feel bad for her because of something on her car. At first glance, we notice nothing, but then, we notice that the front passenger door has been smashed! My coworker begins to cry, but to make matters worse, she notices that her purse has been stolen (and it was hidden under the passenger seat)! And to make matters even worse, she's supposed to leave for a 3-week long trip to Europe on Monday (also to attend a relative's wedding) and had planned to go to the city to get her passport. I look at the other cars, and no one else's has any damage at all. I remember her saying before that her purse was from Wal-Mart and cost about $10. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I feel so relieved and grateful because I know that she was seriously devastated and upset, and it could easily have been anyone's car in that parking lot that could have been targeted. I wasn't even discreet at all when I was taking my Kelly out, around the car, and put it into the trunk.
  2. Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad no-one was hurt (except your friend by having her things stolen). What is the world coming to????? So glad your bag was left alone - that could have been a VERY sad ending. Hope everything is OK otherwise?
  3. I know...so much devastation on a worldwide scale and local scale, among our friends or people we know personally. I'm not sure what my coworker will do. She was with her parents when I left (she's supposed to go on the trip with them), so I'm sure they'll come up with something. In the meantime, I'll get her a small gift and ask if my other coworkers want to chip in.
  4. Oh my! People are crazy! Do you know that before my DH and I met, he said his car got broken into because they were trying to steal the watermelon in the back seat that he just bought?!

    At least no one got hurt and that would be sweet of you to get something for your coworker.
  5. ^omg!!!!! I like watermelon too, but that's ridiculous!!!
  6. I'm so glad no one got hurt! I think a gift to your co-worker would be nice.

    I aslo had the same incident once. I was travelling with friends in Seville, Spain and we parked the car with all our luggage in the trunk. However, we came back and the door windows were smashed and the back seat was opened ... the thieves took our luggage from the back seat and out the door. We were so upset!
  7. OMG - glad you (and your Kelly, of course!) are OK.

    That is very sweet of you to get your co-worker something. :flowers:
  8. I find smash and grabs to be so violating. They are common in my area and usually women with children are targeted.

    I am especially glad no one was hurt.

    I agree that a kind gesture would be really sweet.
  9. I am so glad that you and your bag are OK and I am very sorry to hear about your poor co-worker's fate. I have had my bag stolen too at one point and it is a pain in the neck.

    I would like to issue a warning here though: NEVER EVER leave your bag in the car, also not in the trunk.

    I know of a lady who left her brandspanking new, much beloved Baby Birkin in the trunk of her car and it got stolen!!! She was heartbroken.
  10. Pr1nc355, I'm so glad you and your co-worker are ok! I can't believe things like this happen in broad daylight with people around... :sad:
  11. Whew! So glad your bag is still here but that's just awful about our co-worker. I think a small gift is a nice idea! :smile:
    If my bag can't stay with me, I usually leave it at home for the most part. You just never know.
  12. OMG!! That's awful what happened to your friend!!! i'm glad that both you and her are okay though. since sometimes thieves can get violent if the owner (especiall if it's female whom they think they can over-power) catch them in the act! It's really sweet of you to think of getting something for your friend. Definitely do that, she must be so upset right now and deeply in need of a pick-me-up.
  13. Glad you are both safe! That's so scary. :flowers:
  14. Thank goodness everyone is o.k. scarry experience though!
  15. My brother just had it done to his car. He had left his ipod in the car and when we came back to it, both the front and back passanger window were smashed in!! It was heartbreaking to see the beautiful car with smashed windows :sad: The police officer who came out said they normally only smash the back window, but he thinks they smashed the front window because they were afraid of fingerprints.

    I hope your co-workers is doing alright. It's so sweet of you to think of giving her a present!