I'm so pumped to change!

  1. Starting today! I've always thought if I put in a little effort, I will have a body I will be proud of, but I've never put in the effort to do so in the past couple of years. But someone in me has snapped, and I'm just rearing to go! While weight loss isn't a priority, I'm more interested in toning and sculpting. So I'm thinking in addition to the gym, I'm looking for a pilates tape, and I have turbo jam at home. Come to think about I need one of that huge bouncy ball and a yoga mat.. Here's hoping this is my last start!
  2. Whats troubling me more though is the eating right part, I eat so much grain and carbs and no veggies and fruit!
  3. Aarti- this is the first step!! congrats!!!

    Try to work in fruits and veggies- they are VERY important, but so are carbs- don't steer clear of them either!!

    Keep us posted :yes:
  4. Awesome! I need to do that for a friend's wedding. Megs is right - have a balanaced diet with a lot of proudce. I've been working out more, but eating junk so it all negs the gym effects. but I'm giving up junk for Lent!
  5. YOU GO GIRL !!!:yahoo:
    Great attitude !!!!!!!:yes:
  6. aarti, i know you can totally do it!!!

    YOU were my motivation to go out running today (though i only made it for 20 minutes).

    good luck!
  7. Good Luck!!! Let us now how it goes!
  8. (20 min is a GREAT start!!)

    Aarti- I have the same goals- no need for weight loss, just toning and sculpting!
  9. Thanks girls! Now I need to figure out some meal plans, I need to ban myself from buying processed crap everyday!
  10. Aww kallison! I'm glad to help in any way that I can, and I def think you should go back into irish dancing! I'm going back into karate two times a week as well, should be fun!

    Megs, I know you can do it! Keep us updated.
  11. yeah, i'm hoping to start back up! it would be a good way to justify the $1000 solo dress i bought for it before i quit!
  12. Feb 9
    While I did eat a processed muffin and a horrible bagle, I came home, did an hour of treadmill alternating in sprinting med incline and speed walking high incline, tomorrow before work I'll do 20 minutes of abs, and when I come back I'll do some cardio instead of running, and switch it sunday. After I came home I ate an english muffin with a bit of margerine. I ate after my workout two egg whites, and had a glass of lowfat milk (need to get some whey protein and smoothie stuff). For snacks I decided my indulgement for when I'm craving something sweet would be a small bowl of cereal (love apple jacks!) For endurance tomorrow (LONG day at work) I'm going to eat a bit of grained pasta and tomato sauce. And try to nibble on some carrots. I still need to go tomorrow grocery shopping to help make this adjustment.

    Tomorrow I'm thinking an english muffin and egg whites (since I still haven't gone shopping yet), a subway sandwich consisting of grilled chicken and a slice of cheese. Not sure about dinner yet.. thats always pizza night. :crybaby:
  13. Good luck!
  14. GOD my brother and cousins don't understand this, saying why do I need to go further, just eat fruits and veggies, and kept egging me on to help them finish a huge steaming pizza pie and breadsticks. Deliver me from temptation!
  15. aarti, you'll be fine!

    eating ONE piece of pizza isn't going to ruin you- eating the entire thing just might though! :p

    keep it up!