I'm So Psyched!

  1. For someone that craves designer shoes and bags, I've never been that interested in designer clothes. I do most of my shopping at Ann Taylor and Banana Republic and that's about as designer as I get. However, for the past year or so I've literally been craving a piece of clothing by Michael Kors. Nothing in particular, I just like his bags so much I've wanted one of his items of clothing, but they are usally way pricey for my tastes.

    Sooooo yesterday I was scanning the Nordstrom sales page and saw the most beautiful flowy silk skirt, coral color, mid-calf length, just beautiful. I looked at it thinking "Oh heck, they'll never have my size on the SALE page!" Guess what? There was one left, my size and I grabbed that sucker. The best part? It was $120, but on sale for $30!! My only mistake was not grabbing a picture of it to post here. :Push:

    Bwwwwaaahahahahahaha!!! I can't wait to get it! :nuts:
  2. I LOVE finding great deals like that -- fabulous! The skirt sounds lovely -- now you will have to post pics of yourself wearing it:smile:
  3. What a steal! And cheaper than what you would normally pay for a skirt at Ann Taylor and Banana. Enjoy, can't wait for the pix!
  4. I love when that happens!! Looking forward to seeing pics of it!!!
  5. that's a great deal!!!!i am glad for you!post pics soon:nuts: