I'm so proud of my self now!

  1. Okay, we're all familiar with ebay-fakes. Some are good, some are less good. But there's this auction site called qxl that is kinda like a mix between ioffer and ebay - same thing as ebay, same cheapa** products as ioffer. Anyways, I take a look there once a week to get a good laugh as there are so many "creative" fakes there and they are so fugly, but today I tought to my self "some people don't have the expertise about handbags and will think this is real...".
    There are a lot of inspired bags there, with a totally other monogram than LV and stuff, and I guess that's fine since it's just *inspired* (I'd never buy one personally though:throwup: ), but there are also bags that have inspired in the description that is poor fakes but with the correct monogram and flowers etc. There are also the fakes that claims to be b-stock (or what it's called) so you all know the drill.
    Anyways, today I realised that hey, people are indeed getting ripped off and the fakes industry is supported, and I can't just stand by and let that happen! So I decided to compose together a mail where I pointed out all the nasty fakes and how obvious the fakes really are. I pointed out the difference between inspired bags with other patterns etc and butt-ugly fakes that tried to pose as the real deal.
    I wrote a pretty long mail, so now I just hope I sent it to the right place as I had to look through an online phonebook to find their e-mail adress (so much for that customer service...:rolleyes: ), and yes, this is a pretty serious auction site, so it's not really that dodgy apart from the cheap fakes being sold there. I wrote in the mail that I hoped "the right people" would be able to read it, and I also said that I would have no hesitation contacting the LVMH counterfeit division if they didn't sharpen their routines, but tried to keep it nice. Now I just hope somebody takes me serious...
  2. Good job sweetlove!!! I hope something really happens but you know these big corporations...
  3. Thanks! I'm really optimistic. The corporation is big, but no match to LVMH if they decides to act (which I'm not so sure about :sad:), and I can probably go to the press or something if I get really in the spirit. lol