I'm so PROUD of my boyfriend!!! Cute story!

  1. Before my bf met me, he knew NOTHING about bags! I had to force him to listen to me when I talked about LV! Every time we would see a woman or a young girl with an LV, I would point out that she either had a fabulous real bag or an ugly fake (those ugly mono speedies with feet!:throwup:)! He would roll his eyes at me every time!

    So....a few days ago we were at a supermarket when we saw a girl holding her mono Speedy VERY gently in the crook of her arm. She was way too close to us, so I didn't say anything to my bf. As we passed her, he wispered to me, "That was a real one, right?"

    LMAO!!!!! He was looking at the bag the whole time and trying to figure out whether it was real or not! I trained him well...

    BTW, it was a real bag! :p
  2. awww, how cute!!
  3. Very cute story- good job training him!
  4. maybe now he could appreciate how much you would enjoy having a new LV on your arm...lol. you have him trained well
  5. cutiest story ever. sounds like you got your self a keeper.
  6. Don't you love that?!!!! My DH is really good a spotting fakes now too and I always think it's so cute!!
  7. lol, that's cute.
  8. how cute! my bf does the same thing, now, also!
  9. definently well trained... lol
  10. heee :heart:
  11. LOL -- so cute! Congrats on the well-trained bf!
  12. hahah cute
  13. That is too cute..... Congrats dont you feel awesome to know that you made him like that... lol Today my husband bought a pair of shoes. And when we left the mall i asked him Babe are the shoes comfortable and he says nope but they look good. LOL i felt awesome because he wasnt like that before. I had to do with that so girl you better feel good he has knowledge bc of you. :yahoo:
  14. That is a really cute story! My bf still can't keep the names and brands straight.....I have so much teaching to do... hehe
  15. You have him educated well, now you just have to "train" him to run in into LV and purchase bags for you.:graucho: