I'm so pissed!

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  1. So, I was surfing eBay and came across this fake. The seller sounds nice and I msged her and let her know that the louis vuitton is a fake..

    She replied with this:

    "I appreciate the input, however, the style does exist and it has all signs of being genuine. However, if anyone should be displeased with the purse upon receipt, a FULL AND TOTAL refund will be given when the purse is returned to me."

    item link:

    not too sure if this is the correct section to post.. if its not, pls move it. thanks.

    pls report it!
  2. :s I usually just link the auction in the Report this LV thread to have the listing removed. I don't really see a point in telling the seller, most of the time, they are aware that it's a fake anyway. :shrugs:
  3. wow, shes so ignorant. "So, I am sure this is the real thing, an actual Louis Vuitton."
  4. reported but you need to post this in the report this LV thread in shopping this thread prob won't be open that long
  5. That is definately a fake. Too bad she is ignorant to the fact...
  6. maybe she juts pretend ot be ignorant....waiting to bait innocent buyers..:tdown:
  7. I almost feel bad for the seller. She said she spent lots of time trying to look it up to see what it was. What it looks like to me is a Le Fab in some kind of matte vernis? Maybe it was a Special Order? Sad thing is, she probably really believes that it's authentic. What she doesn't know is you just can't authenticate a LV by looking at all the sites offering LVs for sale. It looks awful and I feel sorry for her because she's convinced herself that its real -- and people are bidding on it.
  8. *Eww* .... definitely a fake no doubt about that. :yucky:

    Ahhh and there are 26 bids with the price already at $200. *Eek*

    I hope eBay takes it down before somebody gets scammed.

    I just reported it. :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.