I'm so pissed 50% off toki today and I missed it!

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  1. ok so I live near LA and the one time I decide to go out of town I miss a HUGE SALE!! The Red Lemon store was having a half off sale today on EVERYTHING in the store!! Even toki bags!! They did it cuz today was the owners birthday!!

    I am SO PISSED OFF that I missed it!!

    for those still interested, they have some toki shirts - or they did, haven't been on yet anywho, the sale ends at midnight pacific time


    code is: Zemi
  2. Aww.. bummer, that totally sucks !

    One ladies toki shirt left. :sad:
  3. There weren't much sizes or selection Tracy, don't be too sad :biggrin: It would have been a great deal though if they had more sizes :sad:
  4. lol i missed out too. i saw the post in tokiholics too late..
  5. Don't feel bad; I miss every sale ever. Haha :s