I'm so peeved! I think one of my fave shows (DiRT) was cancelled

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  1. Boo hiss boo! There have seriously been only like 5 episodes and then after last sundays episode it said "Next sunday on the DiRT season finale" OMG WHAT!!! THat is like the shortest TV season EVAH! Last seaon was 12 or 13 episodes. WTF?!?!?
  2. You scared me! -- so I Googled it. It sounds like the show isn't doing all that well in the ratings, but that the short season had more to do with the writers' strike than anything else:

    "'Dirt' will see a shortened season this time around; after the show's production was hit by the writers strike, FX opted not to produce more episodes beyond the seven that had already been completed. It's understood that the episode-order cutback does not affect 'Dirt's' chances at a third-season renewal."


    I haven't watched the season finale yet (I'm a weirdo about "saving" the shows I like in my DVR), but I'm sad to know that that's it for a while...again.
  3. UGH!!! I'm so mad! I love that show! So many of my fave shows have/are going byebye. ER, Friends, Queer as Folk. Why me why?!?! I guess i still have Project Runway.
  4. ER is cancelled?????

    Yea, Dirt has a season 3 planned. I just assumed we were only seeing a few Dirt episodes because of the strike.
  5. Not exactly cancelled. Its just ending after 15!!! seasons on the air.
  6. You scared me too!! I really like Dirt and thought it had been cancelled!!!
  7. Omg you scared me! I was also shocked that there weren't too many episodes this season! But I really hope it'll be back for a 3rd session
  8. The last episode was so good.
  9. I'm watching it right now and it is amazing!
  10. Great bizarre show! Hope it gets another season or 2....now if they would finally END.... LOST !!!