I'm so out of the loop...

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  1. What kind of jeans are people wearing lately? The last pair of jeans I bought were Citizens maternity jeans.. in 2009.. :shocked: I'm embarrassed to say that I've only purchased work and yoga clothes in the last year and a half. I have made peace with the fact that I will NOT be able to squeeze into my old jeans anymore!

    I used to live in Rock n Republic.. are they still kicking around? lol

    Any brand/fit suggestions? I'm 29/5'5"/120 lbs. Please help!
  2. Oh dont beat yourself up! Before I worked for a company with a completely casual dress code, my casual wardrobe SUCKED!

    Im 28 and 5'6" with a little more meat than you and my fav brand is J Brand. I love that they have a bunch of different cuts - flare, pencil, skinny, etc. and the stretch factor is amazing.

    You can find them anywhere from Saks to Bloomingdales and sometimes you can catch a good deal online. Happy Jean Shopping!
  3. the ones the flatter and fit YOU best!!
    Seriously, bootcut, flare, boyfriends or skinny, they're all 'in' :tup:
  4. All different styles are in right now and brands you just need to go and try some on and see what fits you best.
  5. R&R filed for bankruptcy....you can still find them around at discount retailers though ;)
  6. the last two jeans i got were joes jeans. they were the cigarette style. the style is so easy to work with.
  7. I love J Brands.. Still love R&R but it's extremely hard to find in stores now. Even if I do find them, they're such a thin material and I really don't like that.
  8. the wide legged jeans are the new trends...the rest are there for different body types. i still love my skinnies.
  9. Flares are making a come-back this season, but just like skinnies, they do NOT work for all body types. I very much agree with Swanky in that all styles are available, and all styles are "in" - buy what fits and flatters YOU best.
  10. Soon to be in Kohl's:
  11. love hudsons
  12. I second this. They fit so great!
  13. Try different brands and styles, you will know what looks and feels best.
  14. :shocked: I thought they were doing pretty well, but I guess not.

    OP, go for fitted bootcut jeans in a dark wash. IMO they're the only cut that will never look dated. They look flattering on pretty much everyone and are great if you don't plan on buying jeans often.
  15. And I agree with this statement - forget what's 'in' and buy for your figure type. If you want to be seen as 'trendy' then perhaps look at what you are wearing on top -blouse/shirt but again, I think its more important to wear something that suits your bod rather than just fitting in with fashion.

    In saying that though, stay with a dark wash jean regardless of style, I believe that is one thing that works for all ;)