I'm so obsessed

  1. I don't know how it happened but now I'm addicted to B bags. Being new to this I would like to ask for advice on a few things:

    1. What store in Chicago sells the bags?
    2. How safe is it to buy a used bag online? What should I ask and look for?
    3. Does anyone have pictures showing difference between silver and pewter? I'm interesting in getting a bag in this color scheme.
    4. I'm 5'2" - how big a bag could I go without looking silly.
    5. Can anyone help authenticate this used bag I found online? I've attached a pic.

    Thanks for any input!
  2. Hey ya!!!
    Check out the STICKIES at the top of the Balenciaga Forum... theres loads of pics and tips!!!
  3. Hey There - I'm in Chicago Too!
    I just called BalNY, they are great, I have no clue who is close to me in Chicago
    I will try and post pics of my pewter First if you are interested
  4. Barney's New York on Oak Street has Balenciaga Bags. They have quite a few there when I was there in December.
  5. Barney's New York on Oak Street and Shirisse's in Glencoe are the only dealers in the area.
    If you go to or call Shirisse's, ask for Gail. I really like her and she is not pushy at all. She is like talking to your girlfriend. I told her I liked how she is not all pushy and she said she used to have her own store and she lived in a small community and she didn't want her customers to feel like they had to run the other direction when they saw her. :smile:

    That bag doesn't look real to me but you can go to the authenticate this section to get others opinions.

    I am also 5'2". The largest I would go is a city. It is mostly a matter of personal preference. I would recommend going to Barney's and trying on the styles to see before buying. Sometimes the selection at Barney's is not all that great so if you can make it to Shirisse's, it would be good. Don't be in a hurry. I just sold my first b-bag because I decided that the style wasn't really my favorite in the end. Take your time. Their will always be more bags, more colors, etc. Enjoy!
  6. i think a work or city would be the largest i'd go...but if you were to use it as a travel bag then i would even get a weekender
  7. thanx for the info. i'm so excited. hopefully can make a visit to Barneys soon to see a real life b bag.

    and thanx for reassurance that getting larger size bag is ok. purse salespeople are usually telling me the bag i want is too big for me.