I'm so nervous! Trying out a cobbler for the first time...

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  1. I just took my CL Som1s in to Master Cobbler in San Jose, CA to get the red vibram soles put on. They have good reviews on Yelp, so I decided to just try them...
    They didn't have any examples of women's heels with zipsoles on, but they showed me a pair of mens shoes that they did and those looked pretty good. They also were quite familiar with vibram but they'd never seen the red before (asked me where I got them and everything).

    I can pick em up tomorrow, but eeep I'm so nervous, I hope they do a good job! :/ It was $20 for zipsoles since I provided my own...
  2. I hope your cobbler does a good job for you and it would be great to see photos of them.

    What did you ask him to do about the edges? Is he going to leave the edges red or colour them black. Alternatively, is he going to cut them slightly smaller so the edges do not show at the sides too much?
  3. ^ Haha, you're asking questions I probably should've asked (re: cutting them smaller) but they seem to know what they were doing. He said that the edges would be red, and I didn't ask them to colour/paint them because I don't know how bad it'll be yet... At the end, I will probably just colour them with a sharpie or paint or something - even Arty just coloured the sides of a few pairs he did for another tPFer, IIRC, so I'm not bothered by that at this point but I haven't seen the finished work yet...

    They were verrryy intrigued by the red soles, though. There were three people there any they all asked where I got them from, haha.
  4. Yeah, please post pics when you get them.
  5. I had Karen's cork Marpoils done by my local cobbler and I did not ask him to colour the edges or cut back the overall size. I think they look fine but that will always be down to personal preference. If I had wanted them matched to the original sole edge colour my cobbler could easily have done that on request. Infact, he could also do that retrospectively.

    Here is how they came out.
    Repair Side 2.JPG
  6. ^ Ah, that's good to know! I may ask if I think it's too obvious when I get them back tomorrow. :smile: I can also take that into account for the next time...
  7. Did you get your shoes back yet?? How do they look? I'm in the San Jose area so I'm very curious... one of these days I'm going to need a cobbler for my CLs too. And, where did you find the red soles?
  8. I hope they came out okay! Please post pictures! :smile: I'm still looking for a good cobbler in the Philadelphia area to take mine to. I'm scared because it's my first pair of really expensive shoes and I don't want to ruin them! I think I will test them out on a cheap pair first.
  9. ^^^ Any chance you could get to or send them to Arty's in NYC? He's amazing!
  10. Redlittlewing- thanks for the info on Master Cobbler. I just checked them out on Yelp and the do have great reviews. I will definetely bring any repairs to them. Please post pics of your CL's when u get them back.
  11. redlittlewing - did you get your CLs back yet from the cobbler? :smile:
  13. ^ LOL that was probably me, here are a couple pics, I've been so busy these past few weeks, sorry! They did them in one day.

    I don't think they did a bad job - next time I might ask them to thin them at the edges so they blend more, but overall they don't seem too bad:



    IMO the UK ones are a good deal, but if they're ordering some now (hopefully the right ones), that might be better. They're nice people, I'm sure they'll listen to suggestions. I'll try to get more pics off my camera tonight, LOL.
  14. I got the soles on ebay. I can't really specify, b/c of forum rules, but do a search for "red vibram soles" on the forum and you'll find threads about em. :smile:
  15. I go to them too, like them so far. Haven't gotten any soles done there tho. Thanks for showing the picture! It really helps. =)