i'm so NAWTY!!!!! Got me some NEW sunnies

  1. :shame:
    hmmm, for all u PF-ers that know me... hmm, yes i'm suppose to saving up for that b-bag blueberry WORK, that LV wapity and the darn car needs to be serviced!

    BUT today... OH DEAR... all that MONEY got blown away!!!! I just wanted to check out what was new in the sunglasses store and was like OMG.... i totally loved these guccis and then i saw these YSL ones and fell in love with them :love: the SA was SO nice she goes i can give you like $50 off the ones you want! i was like, OMG :amazed: so... i was like in a panic... my friend was like... lets go have lunch first and then talk about it!

    after lunch and more shopping, we went back to the store and i left with these.... geez, its not even summer over here!!!! :roflmfao:

    i totally love them..... i feel so girlie wearing them..... i'm SO trying to step away from the surfie/street eyewear hehehehe! :cool:
  2. Ahhh, Helen!!! I love them! You look great! Totally the right choice of sunnies. They're very stylish.:amuse:

    Now, I gotta tell you off! Don't you know that when you're tyring to save for stuff, you never walk into a place where there are gorgeous items lying around??? You're bound to walk out with something! hehe.. just kidding! Congrats on your new acquisition:smile:) Enjoy them!
  3. Aww you look really cute with them! They totally fit your face structure. Congrats!:biggrin::flowers:
  4. Yeow baby... they look HOT on you! Now just make sure you're rocking your black City when you're wear it. :graucho:
  5. I bought some YSL sunglasses on Saturday as well! I bought these exact pair in the ad. I'll have to post them later.


    You look awesome in yours!:cool:
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