Im so massively fickle!!!

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  1. So loads of you out there have probably heard me going on about wanting to sell a bag etc etc!! However, lastnight I thought ok if it doesnt sell il keep it for a bit longer, iv managed long enough without the money and next month will be easier..I just recieved a best offer and a question about the bags measurements so when I got it out to measure it I suddenly had a massive change of heart. Ive declined one best offer and im praying now that the other offerer wont respond to my counter offer by the time it expires in an hour. As soon as that expires im going to up the BIN price because if by some chance I get it then il sell, if not then I get to keep the bag until the next time I go off on a tangent and try and sell it!!

    Does anybody else do this or am I just a bit mad? :confused1::wacko:
  2. You're just a bit mad, oggers. :yes:

    No, seriously, I think seller's remorse is very common.

    Things can take a while to sell and if you don't see them for a while, you can forget how nice they are, until you see them again.

    I don't sell much, but something like this has happened to me with a bag I was selling.

    But, however gorgeous it was, I then realised it still wasn't quite right for me, so I ended up selling it, anyway.

    It's a good thing you were asked about measurements - otherwise you might have only seen it again to package it, when it would have definitely been too late.
  3. You can always retract your counter-offer to the buyer.

    I have seller remorse whenever I get a bag wrap for shipping then I reminded myself that the reason I put it up for sale is because I don't use it anymore. Good luck, some time it is hard to let go.
  4. #4 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010

    Yeh I think so, especially for the low price I was going to sell for because of my desperation to sell. Ive just upped my price and changed the best offer to a fixed BIN of £550, it may be a lot but if someone desperately wants it then theyl buy it, if they do, then thats great for me as I have a decent bit of money, if not then no hard loss, I still have the bag :yahoo:

    Plus it cost me an arm and a leg in custom fees so I think I might use it a bit more to get my value for money :graucho:

    ETA: Ive just realised why else I had such a massive turn around..I saw a woman with a fake red twiggy earlier on and I couldnt help but think mine was so much nicer and how soft and light and just an easy bag!!
  5. yes you definitely should be certified as completely flipping bonkers!!!!!! :nuts:
    hee hee...good for you - I'm glad you're not giving it away any more!
  6. Lol yep I think its pretty certain we can all say im crazy!! It was really strange, I think because its a perfect bag for summer it kinda got me thinking oh I could wear it with this and that and it is a gorgeous bag, I just dont think I realised until I saw the horrible fake one this morning!
  7. I've listed my absolute true loves - and I'm thinking...why have I done that???? But I think I just fancy a complete change around? I hope I don't change my mind later...not that they will necessarily sell the way things are going! I think it's the weather - I need some sunshine to put a little sanity back into my life! Boredom as well probably - nothing much is happening this time of year so I may as well play around on ebay a bit!
  8. Lol yeh every one of the bags now id have a hard time selling, theres 3 paddies, 2 of which were my first so theyre kinda special..the other is argent silver and goes great with a funky outfit. Theres my pink mulberry roxanne which is perfect for brightening up any dull day and my black e/w bayswater which is the ideal everyday, any weather bag. And finally the twiggy..light, versatile and so easy to carry.

    What bag do you have in mind for your next purchase? Is that why youre selling your bags to fund new ones? I quite fancy a Mulberry Daria Hobo in cerise but i cant seem to find one and im supposed to be saving for that chanel!!!
  9. yeah - I'm having a big clear out to buy a new bag(s)...what that might be I don't know - I have fallen for the Balenciagas in a big way (but they are v expensive) - i love love my new Day - so easy to use! I'm quite keen to get another Day but is that silly??
    I'm trying not to rush into anything...I'm determined to sell before I buy!
  10. Well I have three paddingtons and would like more because theres some great colours but I think three in the same style is more than enough for what I need. Never really been tempted by the Mulberrys although I was once tempted to buy a violet or even an apple green twiggy...kinda still am if im honest lol! If the days are what works for you and youd love them in all different colours then go for it, its always good to have a colour for every occassion!