I'm so MAD!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Try Fashionphile. I've consigned with them in the past. The last bag I consigned with them I had bought at a consignment store and when Fashinphile sold it I ended up getting back the amount I had paid for it originally.

    This is a must do!!

    Good luck on listing on eBay in the future, and be sure to keep yourself safe! Don't let any of the crooks take advantage of you. Be cautious. Do not do sales off of eBay, if they tell you they would rather pay another way, or some other wacky thing. Do not falsify customs documents - in the case of international buyers who ant you to under declare the bag's value. If anything makes you feel uneasy, come to the PF, and ask the members here. :smile:
  3. Thank you for everyone's help! Looking back just a couple of days I was so naive and am gonna be much more careful in the future! I canceled the shipping label, so I should be receiving my money back soon. USPS allows you to cancel the shipping label up to 120 hours after it was created so that was helpful! I'm gonna go ahead file a claim with eBay and just realist with the pay immediately feature! Thank you for all your help again! Idk what I would do without everyone on tPF.
  4. you have I believe 120 hours to void the label. If you go to your email that says you created a label there should be a link that says void a label.

    If not go to My Ebay and on the left side where your sold items you should see
    Awaiting Payment
    Awaiting Shipment
    Paid & Shipped
    Shipping Labels <--- Go Here and find the label and see if you can void it there

    edit: Whoops did not see your post saying you already voided the label. Oh Well perhaps my instructions can help others in the future
  5. I am sorry this happened to you! Bright side: the fact that the bag got 8 bids in a short amount of time and got sold very quickly, means it will be sold quickly again once you relist!:smile:
  6. Thanks so much anyways! Your to kind to have typed that all up for me! :smile:
  7. I had to cancel shipping labels before and I got my money right back. Trust me, you did not lose $20, you just have to void the label and your money will be returned to your account.
    Edit: should have read the second page lol
  8. I'm glad you were able to cancel the label! When I first started selling I made a couple mistakes too, we all do! Good luck on selling your bag when you're able to relist!
  9. Good luck on the resale!
  10. I keep my fingers crossed for USPS not to be as Canada Post (they do NOT refund cancelled shipping labels) and you get the $20 back. Better that way, just open an unpaid item dispute, get your listing fees back, instead of having buyer like that to open some bogus case.

    How about a B&M consignment store in your area? The few I visited here give out laughable quotas but I have a friend in the States and she will only resell her stuff that way. Or even Kijiji? I am going to have a look at a pair of CL listed on Kijiji, I feel better having the opportunity to try and inspect the shoes up close before shedding a four digit sum of my wallet. Whatever you decide, good luck.
  11. why do the shipping labels cost 20$ to print?

    i have never paid for a shipping label on ebay. i just copy and paste the addresses from the paypal receipt and print it out myself.
  12. That's for postage too.