I'm so MAD!!!!!!!!!!

  1. So for the last month I've been contemplating selling my speedy because I've only worn it twice since I have had it. First I decided to go through Yoogis, and they sent me a ridiculously low rate that I laughed at and deleted out of my inbox. SO then I decided to venture into eBay. I am new to the Bay, never purchased or sold anything on the site. So I followed eBays guidelines and tutorial on how to post an item, everything went smooth with posting the item I went to sleep and woke up to 8 bids! I thought everything was going great! And then a eBay member messaged me asking questions about the bag, and after I had replied, within a minute the member had bought the bag with my "Buy it now" price. I was amazed at how easy eBay was! My bag had sold in less then 24 hours! So after the item had sold I received and email saying that now that my item is sold I should print out a shipping label (stupidly following ebays instructions) I purchased the $20 shipping label and messaged the buyer. That was on the 6th and I have yet to here from the buyer again, I have sent them 3 messages about payment and no reply. Now im stuck with a shipping label that will not even be used and lost $20! I just dont understand why someone would purchase something and not pay!!! and why ebay would encourage me to buy a shipping label before receiving payment! I'm just so upset because not only is my bag not sold but I also lost money and I cant file a claim with ebay for a non paying bidder until tomorrow!
  2. i'm sorry this happened, never print a label until you receive payment. you can cancel the label and get your money back and you should open up a case against the buyer to get your ebay fees back
  3. ^ Yes never do anything until they have paid you! I have had similar experience where the buyer simply does not reply after 'committing to buy' open a case on ebay to get your listing fees back and cancel your shipping label - if its been too long, contact ebay and tell them what happened.
  4. Well I had never sold anything on eBay or online in general, but I have learned my lesson!
  5. It's terrible but honestly, I'd pay $20 for that lesson. I can imagine worse that can happen. God speaks in whispers first; you never know, the sale could have been a nightmare!
  6. urgh! so sorry that happened!
  7. Sorry to hear this. There are so many horror stories about buying and selling on ebay - including one of mine - that I avoid it like the plague.

    I don't know what fashionphile is like to consign with. Have you tried them?
  8. I had a similar issue a while back. I thought I sold a vintage Gucci bag, the buyer never paid. She sent me a message about having buyers remorse!! I didn't buy the shipping label, I always just go to the post office and do it myself once I've received my payment. Maybe they will pay in a day or two, I've had that happen too. Good luck.
  9. You can always void the label.

    It takes a few weeks to get the money back.
  10. If you list with Buy It Now, choose Immediate Payment Required. Make sure you choose buyer requirements too.
  11. So sorry to hear of your bad luck :sad:. I also go to the post office when I sell (which is not that often), after I have payment. I don't know about the label, but make sure to do what you have to in order to get that $20 back, and file the non-paying bidder, which will get you back your fees from ebay and paypal.

    ETA: read the guidelines posted in this section about how to set up your preferences to weed out non-paying bidders, buyers with negative feedback, etc.
  12. I would recommend you void the label asap. There are time limits on doing this. For paypal, its 48 hours. If you pass the time frame, call ebay and explain, they should be able to help you with that.

    Did the tracking number from the label upload to the listing? If so, your buyer may have received an email that the item shipped....I would send them a note to clarify that.
  13. Lol. I remember the first time this happened to me. I was indignant and perplexed too. I ended up submitting a second chance offer to the next bidder who was delightful to deal with and thrilled with the item. Maybe this will work with for you as well.
  14. Well the buyer technically has 4 days to pay. So there is a slim chance they might still pay. But to be honest a non-paying buyer is one of the "better" ebay issues. Yes it's annoying and time consuming and you may be out of $20, but you still have your bag and should be able to get that $20 back or tack it on to the price when you re-list. File the strike and re-list. You might consider posting on bonanza. With all the buyers filing SNAD and INR claims, the NPB is a little easier to deal with. That's why they call it evilbay....
  15. try to void the shipping label if you can... hopefully it won't be too late...