i'm so mad

  1. Came home and missed the mail man. Been waiting for my epi bag forever, guess i'll stay home and wait for him.:cursing:
  2. What bag are you waiting for?:graucho:
  3. red saint-jacques
  4. red saint-jacques:hysteric::hysteric:
  5. I wonder if i can just stop by usps to pick it up, instead of waiting for them with all the horror stories of ship item to wrong address or misplace.
  6. aww dont worry! keep a watch out.. the wait will have been worth while! cant wait to see pictures..
  7. I hate when that happens. I can't wait to see pics.
  8. I hope you get it soon.
  9. Well, at least you mail man actually WAS there!!! Every time I am waiting for a parcel and it shows on Canada Post site that it's out for delivery they NEVER come!!! And then they have the nerve to have a scan on their site later that day saying that they were there at such and such time and I WASN'T!!!:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  10. heeheehee I can relate....my mail man is one of the most impatient man in the world - he can't be bothered to ring my doorbell, he just honks his vehicle - TWICE maximum in the space of 4 mins, and if you are not there to meet and greet him, he zooms off!

    I try to look on the bright side - everyday I get to exercise for 5 mins running like Speedy Gonzales to the door, I'm ever grateful to my mail man!!!!
  11. i just don't understand why they just leave the package in frontyour door and took off. Everyone can just see it , if they walk by. The usps tracking is suck too, they only updated info at night, you just don't know when they'll pop up. Just hope i get my package tomorrow or i'll piss.
  12. Yeah!! That happens to all my parcels...they leave the little pick up cards at my door...and it has "No answer" checked, when my parents are home all day because they're retired! Clearly, they didn't even TRY to ring the door bell or anything...probably just dropped off the card and that's it!
  13. Do you mean you don't understand why they can't just leave the package at your door and leave? Or are you asking someone else why their mailman left their package at the door and left?

    Personally I wouldn't want a $500 bag sitting outside the house...especially if nobody's home!!!
  14. Love that purse! You´ll get it soon!
  15. Or they ring the doorbell once and quickly take off. I heard the doorbell ring this morning and went straight to the door to answer it (I knew that I was expecting a package). By the time that I got to the door, the mailman was already in his truck across the straight and was driving away. It wasn't like I took forever to get to the door either. Fortunately (or unfortunately), he just left my package in the mailbox. But it was overstuffed in the mailbox and anybody walking by could've seen it and just stolen it. Argh!