Im so mad!!!

  1. So here I am feeling sorry for myself, let me tell you why...

    I have been doing so good with this whole "savings" thing so my husband was so proud of me that he said I could go ahead and get the Mono pochette that i've had my eye on:yahoo:

    Well, on Saturday I let my younger sister take my Sidekick with her to the movies and it started raining..and now my phone is no longer working!! :cursing: Which means, that instead of buying myself my pochette...I have to get myself a new phone!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Augh! Now before I get all the insurance questions, my sidekick's warranty is outdated so I cant replace it which really p*sses me off!!

    So, in less than a week I lost my FAVORITE phone that I worked so hard to get, and I have to wait longer now for my bag..

    and I cant have my sister replace it for me because she's 15 and has like no money..oh well.. thanks for letting me vent:crybaby:
  2. So sorry to hear that................
    Hope you get to save up soon though......
  3. im sorry to hear what has happened to u...maybe get yourself a cheaper phone so u will have more for the bag?
  4. :sad: Oh ,sorry to hear that. Is getting a Pochette from ebay an option to you? :shrugs:
  5. Yeah, I'm gonna get a pink Razr which should be significantly cheaper than the sidekick.. that is such good advice.. thanks!
  6. You know, I haven't thought about that but I will definently give it a try..I see that Let-trade has one which is a pretty good deal.. :yes: Maybe I can convince my DH that since I had to go through the trauma of no longer having my sidekick (I was constantly on TPF on it!) that I deserve my bag as well..
  7. Aw, so sorry - hope you find your pochette soon on ebay after getting a new phone... I'm sure there is one waiting for you out there!
  8. So sorry about that! That´s Murphy´s law right there.
  9. Sorry that happened :sad:

    As a side note, does the phone no longer turn on at all? Just curious since I have owned both versions of the Sidekick and sometimes they need to be reset. Forgive the techie nerd in me.
  10. im sorry that hppened. but i think once the stuffs inside the sidekick drys up, the hp will function well again. try drying the inside with hair dryer!
  11. :yes: That's not bad consider shipping is already included. Keep us posted.:flowers:
  12. sorry to hear that...but dont forget...good things come to those who wait ;)
  13. If you renew a contract you might actually be able to get a free Razr. They give those things away for free all the time now :smile:
  14. The one on let-trade looks really nice. I say go for that!
  15. That's good advice! My sidekick needed to be reset when it got a little wet in Seattle.

    Other than that, so sorry to hear that...I love my sidekick...I hope it all works out :smile:

    You can also try ebay for a sidekick, there are a bunch, I just looked :smile: