I'm so mad!!!

  1. I'm so pisssssssssed off!

    Someone snatched my chanel wallet from my purse when I was at a lounge.

    I'm so upset cuz my hubby just got it for me last month for my birthday~~ I feel so bad now...

    I don't know what else to do......:crybaby:
  2. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that. My wallet was stolen years ago and it was such a hassle. Have you filed a police report? What was in the wallet? I'd file a police report immediately and make sure that you cancel any credit cards that were in it. If you did have CC in it, you should contact the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your reports. Hope things work out for you!
  3. hey gal, i'm so sorry to hear that! it sucks!

    I got my pomme cles stolen when i was traveling and i was really bummed cos it was the one nice thing i had gotten myself in the last year when things have been really crappy =(

    i know how frustrating and upsetting it is!

    hope you manage to report all your cards and get the replaced asap.

    hugs bubbles
  4. Sorry to hear. I had my wallet stolen in the supermarket so I know how you feel. Cancel/replace your cards and definitely file a police report.
  5. Sorry to hear that! What a bummer.
  6. That is so annoying! Not only do you have the awful feeling of having lost something gorgeous, you have the hassle of replacing everything in it. I'm sending out waves of bad karma in the thief's direction :hysteric:
  7. Oh no, I'm so sorry for you! That's terrible. I'll join Alwaysinvogue with sending out bad waves.
    (I did have to giggle about that comment)
  8. Joining in with sending those bad vibes! Hope you can replace your stuff!
  9. wow!!!
    i know no one could make you feel better!!
    when i was in school i went to use the bathroom and put my purse down to wash my hands and totally forgot about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like 3 minutes later i remembered, walked back to the bathroom and it was gone!!!!!!!!!!
    i had all my stuff in there including my whole make up bag which contained all my makeup...it was hard getting over that!
  10. People can make me so mad sometimes! I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
  11. UGH! How terribly frustrating! That is the most annoying thing to happen! I hope you get all your cards and everything cancelled before they had a chance to charge anything. I'm so sorry that happened to you....how awful.
  12. THanks everyone...

    I lost two debit card two c/c and my driver's license plus $70 cash

    I've managed to cancel my c/c and put a fraud alert on my credit also.. and filed my police report..

    they only managed to use one of my credit card for gas.. ><..
  13. so sorry you lost your wallet. That really sucks :sad:
  14. gah, I hate a thief!

    Sorry your wallet was taken, but don't feel bad, there was nothing you could do. Some people are just scum like that.
  15. Would your homeowner's insurance cover the loss?