I'm so MAD right now!!!

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  1. So I sold a Coach Legacy to this woman, shipped it USPS with a delivery confirmation, she declined insurance, so I didn't get it. Now she is disputing Paypal saying she never received it. The delivery confirmation says she did. Now my paypal account is frozen and I need to make a payment to another seller. What do I do? I posted a message back saying that I shipped the bag and that its delivery had been confirmed. Am I just stuck now?
  2. If she opens a PP dispute with you, they will (should???) side with you since DC was purchased and it was delivered.
  3. Thats why I NEVER keep a balance in my Paypal account! I remove the funds the same day they are sent in and put them in my account linked to Paypal.
  4. I think you have to use signature confirmation and ship to a confirmed address to be covered by seller protection:sad: It really sucks!
  5. Paypal can also reverse a transfer to your bank account if a charge gets disputed, so don't be fooled by thinking you're safe as soon as you transfer money out. They have so much power. It can be very frustrating at times.
  6. tell your bank to block any request from withdrawal from paypal

    they can and do go into your bank account and take money

    there thieves
    so sorry this has happened to you
    Paypal is horrific really terrible organization

    did you know when you phone them they charge a higher rate for the phone call
    so they get money of that as well
  7. Have you responded to the dispute yet proving that she received the item as per your delivery confirmation?
  8. you only need signature confirmation on items over $250.

    I think you should be ok since you have proof it was delivered, but if it was over $250 you won't be ok since you only had the delivery confirmation. And just for future reference, insurance is for the sellers protection, especially if you use paypal.
  9. i know this is paranoid, but i keep two paypal accounts -it's mostly to keep my buying and selling totals seperate (tax reasons), but also just in case a buyer claims they never received goods...but now I ALWAYS ship with insurance, I just dont want to take the chance