im so mad at net-a-porter !

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  1. there are these off white patent juicy flats im in love with and ive been lookin all over online and in the stores and noone has them in my size then i randomly went to net-a-porter and they not only have then my size but they are on sale ! its like a calling from heaven right ? NO !! they wont take my credit card for some reason it wont go through the system (i even called and got one of the employees to do it and it still wouldnt) so i asked for my moms but they dont take discover so now im stuck at home doing schoolwork thinking about those shoes and i cant go over to my moms office to get another card til twelvish.

    this is torture for me. im so scared they will sell out in my size :crybaby:

    (ps. please dont buy the off white patent juicy ballet flats in a size 8 that way there will still be some left ! :graucho: )
  2. Do you have a NAP account (ie, have you purchased before)

    If so, just email customer services and get them to put them into your account as a special order until you can get a card that you can use.

    Good luck
  3. yes we worked it out completely and i officially love net-a-porter customer service im sorry net-a-porter gods for being mad at you

    i should have my shoes in two-ish days :p
  4. congragulations. I am glad you got them!
  5. Yay! Very excited for you.
  6. LOL, glad it worked out for you.
  7. Meh, it's understandable, I'm like that when I'm waiting for a callback from an SA to know whether something in my size is available.

    I'm useless waiting for packages for NAP....checking watch, checking watch, checking for courier guy...:nuts:
  8. YAY! I'm glad things worked out!
  9. thanks for all your positive feedback :p

    i got them and i love them ill post a pic here soon