I'm SO mad at Burberry! I will not buy another

  1. :tdown: PVC handbag ever! I have their rainboots, shirts, etc.....and that's ok. Less than 30 days ago, I purchased a burberry bag ($500) from their main website. Toted it twice! It had black stain dye on it, from my clothing that i had worn one night. I couldn't get it off. Tried baby wipes, alcohol, a Tide pen, hairspray, etc... u name it, i tried it! Hubby returned it, this morning on his way to work. Burberry called me and said, they won't do anything. In fact, they were rude about it! I told them my husband sent it off this morning. They said, they will return it as soon as it gets there. No more buying of Burberrys for me!:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry this happened to you!

    Have you tried contacting the manager?
  3. do u think, i should call burberry back?
  4. Definetely call them back and try to speak to the manager. I think they should replace it, or at least try to get it cleaned
  5. I dont understand these companies sometimes. They get all of our money and then charge us or dont even fix the problem at all
  6. There must be a national or international customer service address and phone no. If you had just returned it to a store, the clerks or managers probably don't want to deal with problems. Problems don't make commissions. I am sure that they were nice to you when you bought it. Try a customer service contact-I would.
  7. The same thing happened to me! A shirt color rubbed off on my brand new burberry bag! For how much we spend on these bags, a fabric should NOT stain the bag! :cursing:
  8. interesting... i have the same issue. my reddish leather ottoman has left a reddish stain on my bag. i went to the store, they told me to use a nail brush, w/ soap and water. hopefully, that will work. i do know that when i got the bag, there was a disclaimer note that basically stated that some fabric dyes would easily transfer onto the bag. needless to say, i'm not very happy about the quality of my bag... for $500 i shouldn't have to deal w/ this sort of issue. plus, isn't the pvc supposed to be easy to clean?! good luck southernbell7... i'm interested in hearing the outcome of this issue.
  9. ain't that the truth!

    never had a problem w/ my gucci, christian dior, louis vuitton, etc..... colections!
  10. Oh no!! That is not good! I have mine with a stain and could not get if off but you cannot really see it. They should be more supportive of their products, they are not two pennies! Wish you the best of luck!!
  11. ,my mom even mentioned getting a lawyer! LOL
    and, even paying for it!
  12. whoa.. this is good to know... yikes, GOOD LUCK!
  13. I am so sorry Burberry was so rude to you.
  14. Sorry this happened to you... :sad:

    Have you tried using the Mr. Clean sponge?
  15. update*******
    got an email yesterday, saying they will refund the money back on to my credit card!