I'm So Mad And Embarrassed At Myself!!!!

  1. This just happened, and I HAD to vent.

    I'd spent the whole day at my mom's office from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and had been running errands all day long, such as hauling my brother from the public library to home, etc. Well, when I went to pick him up, he wanted Subway. So I drove him there, and when I was pulling out to leave I backed into 3 mailboxes [one was subway's mailbox.]

    The mailboxes were virtually untouched, except they were slightly pushed back a bit. As for my car, it's got two nasty scratches and a tiny dent.

    What made it worse was that this kid working at Subway was outside catching fresh air or whatever for his break, and he saw the whole thing and was laughing. I was fuming. :cursing: My super oblivious father happened to be in the car in the backseat and threw a tantrum, which is understandable, but he made me move to the next seat so he could drive us back home. And he drove right by the stupid kid who laughed and watched as I hung my head in shame and embarassment. My dad is completely insensitive to that stuff; he could care less if it mortifies the hell out of you.

    I'm just really scared because we're close friends with the subway owners, and I don't want this to cause friction between us. I didn't really do any damage to the mailboxes I don't think, but like I said they were slightly moved. Since the jerk kid saw the whole thing, he'll know who did it and my family frequent that Subway quite a lot. I just don't know how I can show my face there again.

    Am I just paranoid, or do you guys think they'll try to send me a fine for it?

    I've been driving forever, as you can tell by my age. This is SO embarrassing. I just wanna kick myself. :push:
  2. I wouldn't wait for anyone to "send you a fine." It'll probably be a very small cost to repair mailboxes, and it's something you should offer to do.
  3. AWWW!!! dont worry there will be plenty of other things you will back into:p, seriously, if anything they may want you to pay for damages but it probably wont be much from what you say. Honestly its not a big deal it could happen to anyone I was test driving a car at MErcedes and almost backed into the wall, with my SA in the car:nuts:, that was embarressing. MY friend knocked her side mirror right off by hitting a pole at a drive thru window. Nobody was hurt and there is not bad damage dont worry about it:smile:
  4. ^^^ what she said. it was just an accident. if it were me and I saw the kid laughing, I probably would have started laughing too. don't make it a bigger deal than it is. I find that when you get embarrassed, laugh it off and admit you are embarrassed. everyone does something like this sooner or later. hell, when I was 16, I backed into a Cadillac! cost my parents insurance alot of $$. But I fessed up to it right away even thought the owners weren't around. (left a note and phone number, etc.) I did cry alot when I got home but the owners told my parents they were proud of me for leaving a note....that made me feel better. sorry to ramble a bit...
  5. Thanks, bagsnshoofetish! I feel a little better. And normally I would have laughed off something like this, but my father is the no nonsense type of person who has a stick up their butt most of the time, and you can't cut up around a person like him. Other times he just loses it and cracks up at inapropriate times. I don't understand him.

    I feel like such a horrible person now! I DIDN'T leave a note of any kind; I'm thinking maybe I'll go up there tomorrow and apologize and fess up. The damage wasn't bad enough though, I don't think. I thought I would look silly leaving a note over something so small. Especially with that stupid kid watching. :rolleyes: I just wanted to get OUT of there, I was so embarrassed.
  6. ^^^ just go back ASAP and be honest. Tell them you were so embarrassed and panicked. They'll understand.
  7. As a gesture of good faith, call the Subway owner, explain what you did and offer to pay for any damages.
  8. ITA! Plus don't worry about the jerky kid. We all hit things sometimes. Who cares. Do the right thing & immediately own up to the mistake. Be greatful it was so small!

    Stuff like that you just got let it roll off your shoulders!
  9. It's hard to tell someone not to be embarassed but it's really not a big deal! I took out some mailboxes once and my parents just paid to fix them and gave the owner a 6-pack of coronas. He said that the free beer made it all worthwhile :woohoo:.

    Definitely offer to pay to fix the mailboxes.

    Who cares about some dumb Subway moron? Don't let him get you down. Just thing about all the embarrassing things he's done while working a min. wage job at Subway, the uniform is bad enough :graucho:.
  10. I think you should offer to fix the mail boxes since it was your fault that you hit them! Don't worry about the jerky kid, he just works there. If he thought it was funny, then so be it. Just be more careful next time!
  11. CAll me crazy, but where I live (CA) the post office owns the mailboxes. The people and businesses do not own them. Of anything, the owners of the building subway is leasing from would be the ones responsible for the upkeep of the property (including mailboxes).
  12. oooh, she has a point here. for some reason, I was thinking it was Subways personal incoming mailbox....hmmmm would she have to go to the post office then? thats federal property. (great, now she's really gonna be scared...!) any lawyers around? this is really a good question.....what does one do when they run into a US mailbox?

  13. :yes:
  14. I'm sorry about this. I would go back and be completely honest. Explain that it was an accident and you are truly sorry then offer to pay the damages since it was your fault. They will understand :smile:
    Good luck!

  15. +1. i think thats best