I'm so mad after receiving a disgusting & dirty bottle of fragrance! Advice needed!

  1. Last week, I won an auction for a New/Sealed Michael Kors fragrance, paying about $42 total including the $10 shipping fee. Well....it was not new and sealed...it slid out of the box as there was no protective wrapping on it at all! TBH, it was disgustingly nasty...there were sticky fingerprints all over the top indicating that it had been used and the bottle was grimy. The outside box was marked and dirty..and I'm not even certain that it's the real deal! The seller shipped it in the paper thin USPS white envelope wrapping it only in newspaper, so the top of the bottle had hairline cracks in it. I immediatel emailed her stating the problem, my disgust, and the fact that I want a total refund. Now..my question...if she refuses, will I be able to obtain a refund by filing a claim with PayPal?
  2. Yes, PayPal should rule in your favor. Just file the claim as "item significantly not as described." The fact that the bottle had been opened should prove that.

  3. Thanks bag-mania! Seriously, you should see this bottle. I can't fathom someone misrepresenting an item as she has. New & Sealed is not synonomous with Used, Dirty and Grimy!!!
  4. YUK! Take photos of it, also, to support your claim.
  5. That is gross, and dishonest. Good luck with your claim!
  6. Thanks..I will! I just escalated it to a claim after realizing that she wasn't going to respond to my messages or to the PP dispute. I feel so stupid because in looking over her FB, it appears that she has done this on multiple occasions!! Good Lord...why didn't I look at her FB thoroughly before bidding. I'm so ADD and always in a hurry.
  7. Oh yuk, that is gross. Definitely continue with your claim and I hope she gets pulled off eBay. This is not the sort of seller anyone wants to deal with. GOOD LUCK!
  8. OMG I had that once but it was for a bag and it stunk of cigarette smole nad had dog hair all over it. I was pretty knew to eBay and didnt know that I could have gone through paypal. I emailed the seller she denied it and said sorry that I felt that way.

    I just threw the bag in the bin. Arghhhh ... most horrible thing ever!

  9. Recently, I purchased a pants suit on Ebay for my sis. She doesn't want to establish an Ebay account or use her CC online, so she turns to me when she finds something that she wants!! Well...it appears that the seller must be a big smoker because the suit 'stank' of old cigarette smoke. I'm sure that you know what I mean. I wrote to the seller who denied that anyone in her home smoked, however she did agree to a refund of the price of the suit. My sis is still out almost $20 in shipping both ways though. I don't think that I'll do this again for her because it puts me in the middle!!
  10. Thing is, maybe that seller didn't smoke and was telling the truth, but in that case she must have bought the suit second hand and NOT cleaned it--which is technically required by eBay's rules. Most sellers of clothing don't even know that, and a lot of them when questioned will admit that they have not cleaned the item/had it cleaned before listing it. BLECH.

    Reason number 1,546,934 why I will not buy used clothing on eBay. :throwup:
  11. I have no advice, but I saw this and just thought, ewww... that's a bad buying experience!