I'm so MAAAAAAAAAD !!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies:sad: ,

    I was looking for a BN Cognac Spy

    And I found a perfect one on eBay
    It was the perfect bag...and a big +++ for me : it was in Paris:yahoo: ...

    So I've posted this link in "Authenticate this Fendi" yesterday...with addtionnal pics I had asked to the seller (you see it took me some time!!!)


    And guess what hapened, the item is no longer available...
    Sold off eBay !!!

    I'm really :cursing: !!!!!!!! And:yucky: !!!!!!!!
  2. mmm did the seller close it? there isn't any history of bidding for it.
  3. Yes the seller close it...around midnight...
    I think she might have been contacted to make the deal off ebay.

    If there was some bid on it I would say that it would have been fair...I could decide to bin on it and the best wins !
    But I'm sure if I hadn't done the work before...
    -contact the seller for add pics
    - post them here
    - ask for the bag to be authenticate
    The auction would be still active
  4. Well, it wasn't going to work out then not much of a choice. There will be another chance soon.
  5. So sorry! But luckily, this is a fairly easily obtainable color. Another will come your way!
  6. I think of you:flowers: ,don't be sad...I'm sure it's a sign...you have to keep your money for a futur bargain!!!:yes:
    I let you a private message.
  7. Thank you Litigatrix...but I must admit I'm still upset.

    The seller answered my email...
    and unfortunately I was right : she has accepted an offer off ebay...
  8. I`m so sorry for you! I looked at this bag, too. When i saw that the auction ended, I thought you were the lucky one who get it.
    I´m sure there will be a better bag that comes around!
  9. Thank you Guccisima and Saich :heart: !!!

    I'm so disappointed :crybaby: ...
    I mean I would never "bid in secret" against a Pfer...
    or worst propose an offer off ebay for a bag someone else obviously wants....

    I guess I shouldn't be so naïve and "pure":push: ...
  10. Sorry this has happen, its awful when you have your heart set on a bag, but Cognac is quite easy to get hold of so theirs bound to be another chance. Plus the person who has bought off ebay has no come back if their is anything wrong with the bag.
  11. sorry double post...
  12. Be patient :yes: , there is a lot of great inventory on Ebay, just wait and the right bag will show up at the right price. I know, because I have way too many bags:nuts: and have had way too much fun collecting them :yes: . The cognac bags show up regularly at great prices and so do the more exotic bags BTW.

    It is not unusual to compete with other PFers & if it is a steal, you will need to grab it quick before Deco or Stargarb :graucho:
  13. i feel your pain, the same has happened to me too in the past, also with a spy. :sad:
  14. I feel so bad for you. It does happen though.....in my case it was a Balenciaga bag. Be patient and you'll find another one .
  15. That bites! I hate it when that happens. Hang in there in the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for your cognac! They do pop up from time to time.