I'm so lucky - only 5 weeks to go

  1. :P Hi

    I just have to say that I'm so lucky, because in 5 weeks I'm going with my wonderful husband to Italy for vacation and the prime goal is the Gucci outlet in Firenze!! I was there last summer and bought two gourgous Gucci bags and one wallet, plus scarves from Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi. It is paradise heaven for girls like us. Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Salvatore Ferrgamoo, Fendi, Tods, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana and more - to outlet prices!! :o) I'm going (or my husband is going to treat me) with presents to my 30th birthday this fall!

    Everything is not cheap, how about a Valentina summer gown for half of the outlet price? Hm only 16 000 EUR.....

    Last year I bought my two Gucci bags for 300 EURO each (one was a leather bag and one canvas and leather) - CHEAP ha! Last year they had bags from 150 EURO. I hope I find some bargins this year as well!!
  2. You realize that you'll have to post pictures of your finds! Have a great time, I love Italy, especially Florence.
  3. Have a superfantastic time!!! And remember "When in doubt "buy it anyway" lol!!!:biggrin:
  4. HI,

    :wlae: Now I'm back from my vacation in Italy and my wonderful shopping spree at the Gucci outlet outside Florence!

    The four Gucci bags (plus the scarves) to the right in the pictures are my new bags which I will receive as a birthday gift from my husband when I turn 30 this fall. I can't wait for my birthday, best gifts ever!! :yahoo:
    Love from Sweden!
    Gucci Collection.JPG
  5. Wow! Beautiful bags! That's an amazing birthday present!
  6. Gorgeous bags! How much, if you don't mind me asking? :smile:
  7. OMG! Great buys! Do you have any pics of Italy?
  8. Hi
    I do not mind revealing the prices. I really recommend to go to Italy to this Gucci outlet. Since it was outlet prices we got a great deal.

    Prices from left to right (bags only):
    1) 300 EUR (bought 2005)
    2) 300 EUR (bought 2005)
    3) 318 EUR
    4) 270 EUR
    5) 445 EUR
    6) 372 EUR

    The wallet costed ca 125 EUR and the scarf 50 EUR
    My husband bought two pair of Gucci shoes for 140 + 135 EUR, so very good prices.

    Out trip to Italy was wonderful, we were in Ciunqe Terre area and also Pisa, Portofino, San Margetitha and also vistited Monaco on the way home to Sweden. We have lots and lots of pictures.
  9. beautiful bags!!!
    i hope your husband isn't making you wait to use them...
    they are TDF!!
  10. I love that red and monogram one!!
  11. Great deals. :yahoo: Love those Guccis. :yahoo: I have a bag in the same purple leather as your leather hobo, its a different style, but the color is amazing! I love carrying it because it looks so lux. I also love the black bag on the end, its so classic. What a great husband you've got there!
  12. Wow awesome deals, congrats, beautiful bags:yes:
  13. OMG.. Sunshine Sweden!!! You're sooo lucky!!! What a great deal!!! Wow!!! Those bags are really TDF!!! Hahahahah!!

    Hmmm.. do u mind sharing with us the name/address of this outlet and directions to the outlet? Did u drive or take public transport? I'm plannin to go to Italy this Oct/Nov. And visiting one of the gucci outlet is in my agenda.. hahaha!
  14. Hi,

    If you go into the following website http://www.outlet-firenze.com/gucci_outlet.htm you will find directions and opening hours. THey have several different outletshops for different brands on one sport called "THE MALL".

    We drove there by car. If you have a navigator/GPS, please enter "Leccio". because when we only wrote in the street address we ended up on another road with the same name a couple of swedish miles north east.

    I know there is both tours and busservice to this outlet from Florence. Also Dolce & Gabbanna is not far from this place either.

    God Luck!
  15. OOOOOOOOOH Thank you for the info on the outlets. Fantastic TDF bags! But seriously, your husband is the real TDF gem here! Enjoy your bags and you are one lucky lady!