i'm so lost, you guys!

  1. so. i figured out i want something chanel- but i have not the faintest idea of what i want (though i do like the cambon tote). and going through eBay auctions is proving rather pointless and seeing everybody's collection here just makes me realize i don't have quite as much money to spend.

    which is where i need everybody's help! is there ANY bag i can get for under $1,000 that is a tote? or am i just kidding myself? and, should i be totally delusional, do you all have ideas suggestions/ideas for a first chanel?

    thanks so much guys! :nuts:
  2. hmmm, why is it that I'm always the first to see your posts of doom?
  3. There is a black on black cambon tote on eBay right now, it was under $1000 not sure the current price? I'll try to find the auction for you.
  4. ah, crap. i was trying to avoid you. :p
  6. ^well, uhm...yeah.

    i said under $1000! doesn't that count for something?! you should be PROUD of me!
  7. haha e. Good luck...I don't know about a tote, but once in a while a gem pops up on eBay.
  8. You can definitely wait for the sales to get your bag! ;)
    I'm sure if you wait, you will be able to find one close to that
  9. You can get a Classic Tote for just over $1k, check out the Petit Shopping Tote, it's $1095 I think.
    Check out our Reference Library.

  10. NO! It's counts for NOTHING!!!!!!:hysteric:

    Moving on to the topic of the thread. You can go the ebay route and you may be able to find a few diamonds. But make sure you post them in authenticate this to ensure authenticity.:supacool:
  11. oooh. sales are good! when might i expect those, hehe.
  12. it does count! honest! i'll just have to return the last 8 coach bags i've purchased...

    ebay is so DAUNTING though. argh.
  13. Like SwankyMama said, there's the petite shopper in caviar for $1095. It's not a large tote, but definitely big enough for everday use. I have it in beige and it's a great bag.

    Other than that, Chanel really doesn't have any totes that are around $1000... even the ones I've seen on sale don't get discounted very steeply. But who knows, you might get lucky!
  14. If you open up a Saks card, you can get 10% off first purchase so that would bring the price of the Petit Shopper to under $1K.
  15. i'm still learning chanel prices... but i figured getting something for under $1000 would be impossible, lol. so...if i decide to really break the bank, a larger tote would cost around $2000+, right?

    and let me ask opinions. i like the cambon stuff- and from what i see on ebay, it's the least expensive stuff. but, in the chanel world of things, is that seen as a "lesser" line? you kwim?