I'm so lost....what band goes with my e-ring?

  1. To the purse bloggers I so dearly admire, I look to you for advice...

    My DF just bought me this *lovely* e-ring. It is 2+ carats(I didnt ask) of princess in the middle and .5 carats of pear on each side. I've never seen a ring like this, and the attached pics do it no justice, thanks to my lack of camera phone expertise.

    Now is the time to go shopping for a wedding band that does my e-ring justice, and the only thing i've seen so far that I think I like is a 5 stone princess band(i'm thinking between 2 and 3 total carats). Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me? What would look best with my ring?..i'm at such a loss.

    Thanks so much!!
    IMG00097.jpg IMG00098.jpg
  2. you have a lot of options with that GORGEOUS :drool: ring. :smile: your best bet is going into a jewelry store and just trying different things on for an hour or two. sometimes things you think you won't like look awesome once you have them on and vice versa. you won't know until you go play!! lucky lady! and congratulations :party:
  3. Thank you ilzabet! That is so logical :smile: I've been doing a TON of online research, nothing like walking in and trying something on.

  4. A plain white gold band would be perfect imho. An eternity band would be too much I think. With a simple band your ring will look much better and the beauty of your diamonds will definitely stand out more.
  5. we had to have a band custom made bc nothing else would sit flush w my ering. i would go w a diamond band personally. have u also considered wearnig the ering on ur right hand and the band on ur left?
  6. That really is your best bet!! When I shopped for a wedding band I knew I wanted something plain so it did'nt distract from my single stone,but I tried on lots of different styles just to be sure.Seeing them IRL is the only way to make your best decsion.xxxxx
    BTW your ring is tdf!!!!Congratulations!!!!!
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  7. Your ring is gorgeous! Since you don't want the wedding ring to compete with it, I suggest that you get a custom made plain wedding band that fits perfectly flush against the e-ring. I don't personally like the big gaps that non matching bands have next to each other.
  8. I agree. Get a plain wedding band so as not to distract from your lovely e-ring
  9. Your ring is so gorgeous I think a plain platinum bad would be great.
    Definitely try them with your ring 1st & congrats!!
  10. Actually I think a very skinny eternity band would be ok, but then I always try to advocate for MOR BLING! What ever you decide, I think it needs to be very skinny to highlight the bling!
  11. Gorgeous ering and congrats! I think a plain band would make your diamond stand out more. Let us know what you choose!
  12. OOh..ladies..thanks so much for your advice! I'm going to try on all of your recommendations--bling, classic, right hand, asking about custom fits at the mall tonight after work. I cant thank you all enough for your insight and compliments! I wish I could take you all shopping with me :smile: I'll let you know what I end up with as soon as I find the perfect match!
  13. Enjoy your shopping,and do we need to ask you to post pics??? course we don't!!! Wish we all could come with you,but I think your fiance might feel a bit like he's there for crowd control and not shopping!!! Hahahahaha! the mental image is really amusing me! Have a fab time picking!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:love:
  14. I have made a few trips to the jeweler by now, still havent found my perfect match. BUT the advice i've gotten so far on this thread was so right on! The simple bands either with small diamonds or just plain platinum ended up looking the best. I wish i could go for the bigger 5 stone bands or eternity bands, but they just dont flush right against my e-ring(there's a lot of space inbetween) You bet i'll be posting pics as soon as I've found something pretty to take pics of....hugs to all of you!!!:tender:
  15. Heres a thought,you could wear the five stone on your other hand, ladies I used to sell diamonds too had the same problem,not wanting to spoil the look of their e-ring,and had no qualms to putting it on the other hand. These days everyone has so much more disposable cash, and as a by-product of this is that girls are getting bigger e-ring stones etc .Gone are the war days when your Grandpa and Grandma had very little money,so what they could afford as their symbols of love to each other were small and would always fit on one finger,so it did become traditional to always do it this way. But as always times change,along with fashion,trends and 'rules' tend to follow and adapt too.So it becomes slowly a norm,and just think your choice of diamond size for a five stone won't be restricted in size by another ring!!!!