I'm so klutzy, my poor MbyMJ


La bella vita
May 23, 2007
I just thought I'd share a lil mishap of my day involving my bag. I was leaving work and I had been playing with this stress relieving thing we have at work called 'gloop'. It's green, kinda like silly putty but a little wetter. I put it back in its plastic container, slapped the lid on it and threw it in my 3 day old Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah luxe leather hobo (in chamoise). I stick my hand in the bag on my way home and i feel something sticky. The canister had popped open and about half of the gloop spilled, and stuck to the bottom of my bag! I got home and had to take a dry towel and vigorously rub to dry the stuff out and get it off. Luckily the interior fabric is dark purple so it isn't really noticeable but I'm sure you all know how frustrating it is to have something happen to one of your bags! My Gucci sunglases were in there too but luckily they were in their case and unharmed. Just needed to write, feel free for anyone to add their own bag mishaps.
Mar 2, 2006
Oh no! I HATE when things like that happen! I'm glad it ended up being OK though, especially since your MJ is brand new!! I didn't really have a mishap today but everyone in the office decided they would all try on my Damier Speedy 25 today when I was in the washroom and now I am totally paranoid that it got dirty!


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
Aw that sucks! I know the feeling. Luckily it won't show on the dark lining.. but it's the fact that you know it happened which sucks the most. Maybe this is God's way of telling you you need another bag!


Jul 31, 2006
96° in the shade
As soon as I read the word "gloop" I knew where this was headed, I'm so sorry!! You must have been panicking. Hopefully no irreparable damage. I've had my own mishaps with pens (caps coming off while they're in the bag, etc) but this takes the cake!


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
This has happened to me so many times! I feel you! I put too much faith into things with lids and even though they feel pretty secure at the time, they end up leaking! :sad: Glad it didn't do significant damage though! I always get so mad at myself whenever stuff like that happens so I hope you're not taking it too badly!!!