I'm so jealous of Lauren Conrad!!!

  1. I don't know if you guys watched The Hills last night or not, but at one point Lauren got to work at Marc's office at NY and got to meet him. Oh, she's such a lucky girl!! I :heart: Marc's work and am so jealous!!!!:girlsigh:
  2. ya' know, i saw the hills last night and i couldnt wait to make a post about her meeting marc. she is lucky. she didnt even seem starstruck - i would have totally froze! marc looks great btw, im glad to see him doing better :biggrin:
  3. I was appalled that Lauren couldn't be bothered to STAND UP! It's MARC JACOBS and she sits on her overprivileged behind making snarky remarks about the menial labor she's doing. Ugh... I understand that Lauren is most annoyed (and therefore annoying) when she has to be filmed/shown working but she behaved so unprofessionally!

    And they edited Whitney's presentation to make her seem like a total twit. I can't believe AA reported that it went well because what they showed on screen was atrocious.
  4. i know i was extremely jealous!

    and pghandbag, i totally agree. i was apalled that lauren didnt stand up to meet marc jacobs. crazy!
  5. Wow I know. My bf and I were actually laughing while she was doing her presentation. I couldn't believe how they made her look so dumb. Then to hear she did a great job totally didn't reflect what we saw.
  6. pghandbag: I agree!! She should have at least stand up and shake his hands!!! Marc is so nice though.
  7. Yeah, she was short with him.... but to me, it seemed like she was just nervous/shy. I mean, what should she have said? "OMG MARC!! MARC JACOBS!!!"

    If she did, we'd probably be making fun of her for being so star struck!
  8. It is always proper to stand up when greeting someone and shaking their hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!