i'm so irritated!

  1. i want a cognac spy so badly...but i dont want to pay the $200+ in taxes since i live in CA...(8.5% tax) so i've been looking for one online, especially on ebay.

    it's so annoying that there are literally 3-4 real bags being sold and the rest are FAKE FAKE FAKE!! blech!

    please help me find my cognac spy!!!
  2. You should still be glad you don't live in Toronto where we have 15% tax!!!!
  3. That is a lot why dont you look at Ebay no taxes..........
  4. believe me, ive been searching on ebay!! they're all fake! if they're not, they're higher than retail prices!
  5. Ebay has only a few good sellers of Spy bags. If I see a Cognac, I let you know.
    I got mine from another PF member. I did get an authentic Hologram off of Ebay, but it is harder to fake a hologram.
  6. thanks fendigal! that's so sweet!
  7. Hmm, I recall seeing one at Bergdorf Goodman last week, if they still have one there, you can have it shipped to you overnight for $25 and pay NO TAXES. 212.753.7300 Shoot, you can even buy two or three spys all the same day, you'll still pay only $25 for overnight shipping, approximately $19 for two day shipping. The reason it's tax free is because there is no Bergdorf Goodman in California = no sales tax. :biggrin: Good luck!
  8. grr~ i just called and the SA isn't there and her mailbox is full so i can't even leave her a msg!

    thanks for the heads up tho D&G...I'l keep trying
  9. we do have one in Dubai

  10. I just tried to call there too, hmm, never got that voicemail before. I would try asking for the handbag dept on the first floor where they sell the Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Valentino bags. They're all like two steps from each other. Any SA there would GLADLY help you. In fact i'm calling there right now, ....... and dang, they have no more. :amazed: I just spoke to a SA. She told me they have a bronze lazer cut, white wisteria, gold metallic, and the denim stripe left. OMG. There were so many different kinds last week. Even that vinyl polka dot one sold out. WHOA.
  11. If you're going for ebay, you can try leshent, or personalshoppers. Sometimes they come across a spy... I asked leshent to keep his eyes open for a dk. brown one, cuz I would want it, and he located one for me, and even allowed payments in installments... although price was higher than retail... but it's good for hard to find colors or availability

    personalshoppers had a caramel spy a little while ago, but it had marks on it and was pre-used
  12. thanks for all your help ladies...i found a chocolate one! that should keep me tied over for at least a few days!
  13. mpark46, i'll keep my eyes peeled as well for you on the cognac spy-i've heard the choc spy is just as beautiful too! congrats!
  14. MPark46, I just saw that you found a chocolate spy. If you're nevertheless still looking for a cognac spy, I saw one this past weekend at Saks in NYC. If you're looking for a great SA to help you out, ask for Olga in the fendi/chloe handbag department.
  15. did you try at www.styledrops.com? I bought a b fendi there one month ago and they still had the cognac spy...